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Tulsi Green Tea- Green Tea With a Twist

Moringa Mint Tea

Indians have used Tulsi (or Holy Basil) for a long time in history. Our entire medical history is evident for the amazing health benefits of this holistic herb. We have used it to treat ringworms, eye diseases, and even malaria. We have also used it for treating diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting. Tulsi contains essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, zinc and iron. One of the best ways to consume this herb is to brew tea. While we’re at it, why not add the world-famous healthy green tea leaves? That’s what Tulsi Green is all about.

Why Did We Use This Combo?

Why add green tea? You might ask. Green tea is often advertised as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. In fact, there is a lot of scientific research to back this claim. Green tea has many benefits– lowering the risk of heart disease, weight management, and improved brain function, to name a few. The reason behind choosing this combination of ingredients is simple. Both of them offer a plethora of health benefits, they don’t contradict each other when combined, and they go well together. Ono Teas always makes sure to create brews that have great taste, aroma, and benefits. Before further ado, let’s see what Tulsi Green has to offer.

Tulsi Leaves (Holy Basil)

Tulsi- Holy Basil plant.
Image by emeraldwiz from Pixabay

Let’s welcome the “The Queen of Herbs”, the Tulsi leaves. These herbal leaves are called so profoundly because of the wonders they create in our human system. Tulsi leaves are considered one of the safest medicines in Ayurveda history. There are actually 4 types of Tulsi leaves. Three out of these four are used in the making of Tulsi Green.  Tulsi Green has Rama, Shyama and Vana Tulsi.

Rama Tulsi

Rama Tulsi Helps Improve Eyesight

According to research, Tulsi is loaded with vitamin A. As we all know, ‘A’ group of vitamins plays a major role in the maintenance of good retinal health (It’s good for your eyes!). 

Researchers suggest that vitamin A aids in the promotion of proper vision. Vitamin A is responsible for converting the pigment opsin to rhodopsin to give you that prophetic vision.

Studies show that the deficiency of vitamin A can lead to xerophthalmia (starting slowly from night blindness to the worse loss of vision), and just a cup of this tea a day may help you to see the world better.

 Rama Tulsi Aids Digestion

Are you someone who enjoys relishing amazing food yet is annoyed by the aftereffects of a bloated stomach? Say no more. According to a study, a cup of Rama Tulsi tea after a meal might help in relieving the bloating and an added benefit of initiating regular digestion. This scented tea helps in providing a calming effect and regulating bowel movements.

Rama Tulsi Improves Cardiac Health

The major culprits of poor heart health are excess cholesterol and an inadequate amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the human system. Heart diseases are the result of high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or more commonly known as bad cholesterol. The presence of calcium and minerals in Rama Tulsi can be used to curb the risk of cardiac disease. These minerals help in lowering bad cholesterol which might help with keeping your heart young and healthy.

Rama Tulsi is Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammations are silent murderers in causing pain.  Researchers who experimented on rats prove that Rama Tulsi shows anti-inflammatory properties.

In the tests, it reduced swelling, inhibited inflammation, and also aided in alleviating pain. The anti-inflammatory properties exhibited by this tea are associated with the properties of pain killers like aspirin and ibuprofen. 

The researchers concluded that Tulsi Tea shows the same properties as these pain killers. It is more gentle on the stomach lining and helps in the alleviation of stomach aches. 

Shyama Tulsi

Shyama Tulsi Helps Reduce Stress

Often worshipped in Indian households, spiritually and clinically, Tulsi carries a legacy for being known for exhibiting a lot for promoting good health. 

One such property is the adaptogenic property (relieves stress). After doing some studies, researchers found that the pharmacological property of this herb promotes homeostasis (stabilizing body function). Therefore, what better way to end a stressful workday than to indulge in this “elixir of life”?

Shyama Tulsi Leaves are Analgesic and Antipyretic 

Falling in love or falling ill are unpredictable events. Not sure about the former, but the latter has to be treated well; to lead a hail and a healthy life. We often stick to medicines or supplements that come along with the side effects. 

According to scientific research, the Shyama variant of Tulsi tested on animal models showed a significant reduction in body temperature. This happened due to the presence of bio-pharmacological compounds like eugenol– establishing antipyretic properties (deduction in acute fever).

Shyama Tulsi are Anti-depressant

At least at one point in time, do we not have that shadow in us that undermines us and keeps us caged in an anti-social bubble? The shadow that does not reflect positivity or worse nothing? We may call this shadow depression. 

Therefore, to distract ourselves, what haven’t we done? Joined Yoga to calm the mind and body, and then left Yoga. Because of having no time or maybe the postures were difficult. Well, as chaotic it might sound, there is still hope. 

According to a study, people who consumed 500 mg of holistic Tulsi tea every day witnessed less depression, stress, anxiety and envisioned much clearer thoughts and also sensed being more social. So don’t be hard on yourself if yoga is not your cup of tea. Consider Shyama tulsi tea.

  Shyama Tulsi is also Anti-Diabetic 

As per research, incorporating 250-500 mg of Shyama tulsi tea shows an anti-diabetic property. Glibenclamide is a medication generally given to patients having type 2 diabetes. Researchers found that the phytoconstituents present in Shyama tulsi tea shows similar effects to that of glibenclamide medication.  

Vana Tulsi

Vana Tulsi Can Act as a Memory Enhancer

Consuming Vana Tulsi tea every day may help keep your brain sharp as a knife. Or shall we say fewer chances of you forgetting your loved ones’ birthdays? Well, we can’t guarantee that, but Tulsi leaves may significantly boost your memory.

Studies reveal that when researchers fed Tulsi leaves (a.k.a Holy Basil) to mice at a dosage of 400 mg/kg of body weight, they improved their cognition.  

 Vana Tulsi Has Wound-Healing Capabilities

In a test on rats, researchers incorporated Vana Tulsi on an incisional wound model of rats. They found that Vana Tulsi exhibited wound healing properties because of its ability to raise vascular permeability (capacity of the blood cells to flow). Thus, inducing a healing effect on the rats.

 Vana Tulsi Is Anti-Bacterial

Do you remember the last time you fell ill? Probably because of some random food you had? Chances are that you might be infected by food-borne bacteria. 

Have you ever heard of Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, or Salmonella typhimurium? Don’t worry, this is not a biology test. They are the names of the top pathogens that cause food-borne diseases. A study reports that Vana Tulsi inhibits the growth of all of these bacteria mentioned above.

Vana Tulsi May Boost Your Immune System

A properly functioning immune system is vital in protecting against viral, fungal, or respiratory infection. Therefore it is important to maintain your immune system. Tulsi might help you in this case.

In a study done on African Catfish, researchers observed enhanced performance of both antioxidant activity and immuno-activity when they administered Vana Tulsi concoction in the fish. The fish were on a 12-week diet and an increased daily performance of fish was noted.

Green Tea Leaves

Spoonful of green tea leaves for demonstration.
Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

You can’t make Tulsi Green without green tea leaves!

Green Tea for Weight Management

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages for most health-conscious people out there, and it deserves all the attention it gets. Among the abundance of health benefits that it offers, weight management has to be the most prominent one. 

A review of studies shows that green tea demonstrates anti-obesity properties due to the presence of polyphenols. These polyphenols affect major factors such as cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. As you might know, these factors are the ones responsible for weight management.

Green Tea Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Research suggests that consumption of green tea may lower blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of stroke in the future.

Another study suggested that drinking green tea daily might reduce the risk of stroke by about twenty per cent. Poor health choices always lead to our downfall, and hence, green tea just might act as insurance against stroke for such people.

Green Tea May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest and most uncertain diseases that really difficult to cure. Therefore, prevention being our only option, we must incorporate healthier life choices that start with our food.

Scientists suggest green tea to be anticarcinogenic in nature. The consumption of green tea may prove to be helpful in the prevention of many types of cancer, including lung, colon, oesophagus, mouth, stomach, small intestine, kidney, pancreas, and mammary glands.

Green Tea May Prevent Neuronal Damage

Ageing is something we cannot stop, and it often leads to effects that include neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. These diseases cannot be cured, but you can prevent them.

Studies show that green tea is neuroprotective in nature, and green tea polyphenols may significantly help in reducing the risk of these neurological diseases. 

So if you start drinking green tea in your youth, you will never regret it in your old age!

Green Tea May Prevent Heart Disease

Green tea is of the drinks that are actually good for your heart. In the long run, it prevents most of the damage to your cardiovascular health from the inside. 

Since green tea may lower our body’s blood pressure, studies suggest that it may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Although it should be noted that heart patients are not recommended to overconsume green tea.

Green Tea May Help Maintain Blood Pressure

As discussed before, research has indicated that regular consumption of green tea may help in lowering the blood pressure of your body. Green tea may significantly reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, making it a perfect beverage for those who have hypertension. This soothing refreshment can help drastically when consumed daily.

Green Tea is Anti-Diabetic as well

A review of studies has demonstrated that green tea has a direct effect on our blood glucose levels and might help in significantly reducing them.

This property of green tea can result in an anti-diabetic effect, as lowering blood glucose levels can mean better diabetic health for most diabetes patients. Hyperglycemia is a serious issue and any preventive steps that can be taken are really helpful.

Wanna Try It Out?

Now you have an idea of how great this traditional herb can be for you. The Addition of green tea leaves makes Tulsi Green tea a must-try. If these health benefits piqued your interest, you can try out Tulsi Green tea and let us know how you liked it in the comments. Order now, and get it right at your doorstep.

If you like Classic Green Tea, you might like Tulsi Green Tea even more! Check out other teas from our Slimming Teas range– I’m sure you’ll find Gun Powder Tea really fascinating.

Cheers to good health!

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Perfect Tea for The Perfect Moment. Embrace It.


Perhaps, “perfect” is a word that one would often associate with a well-made “coffee.” That’s because people typically consider the experience of sipping delicious coffee, laying back on their chairs and binge-watching terrible series and movies as almost heavenly. But let’s do a little polyamory of beverages here.


Why tea?

When we look back into history, people were enslaved and tortured to work in tea plantations. So much for tea! It was considered precious. It added a great sense of melancholy and royalty to the lifestyle of people who had the power and luxury to enjoy tea. Steering from there, straight to the modern day, we have rare types of tea, such as Da Hong Pao (not difficult to pronounce) or the Shui Hsien tea that may cost more than three years of your grocery bill. But why would someone stretch to such great extents for tea? In a world where alcohol and coffee are hyped immensely, let’s give this drink a chance to prove itself as the magic potion we all forget.


One tea, many benefits

If we look at tea, it is fantastic! Those underestimated tiny tea leaves give us tranquillity as fast as we go from zero to 90% stress levels. On our daily run for life, we consume tea like cocaine addicts without really paying attention to its royalty and sensitivity. If we are mindful, we will find tea to be no less than the elixir of life. It gives us health benefits, freedom from stress, magical solitude, and a perfect reason to create perfect moments. A cup of tea shared is a thousand smiles exchanged. No exaggeration. Just pure tea-truth.

When we find ourselves encompassed by a range of preventive health disorders, we often confuse preventive remedies with medicines and then run to the doctor for some healing. Of course, nothing can replace medications a doctor prescribes, and rightfully, we shouldn’t. But why let the sword hang above our head when we can master it? Ono Teas draws that path!

Tea, when consumed mindfully can align us with the greatest of moods and the best of health. It helps us prevent avoidable lifestyle discomforts, such as insomnia, fatty liver, menstruation issues, extreme stress, and many more. Scientists have proved that tea is full of antioxidants, and provides numerous health benefits, such as diminishing the risk of heart attack or stroke, lowering blood pressure, and the list is long!


Tea power

With a long list, comes different types of teas. When we are on the hustle to conquer the world, we often ignore the power of tea and its different types. For every mood, for every sip, for every cup, there is a type of tea, waiting! The usual suspects comprise Darjeeling tea, oolong tea, Nilgiri tea, green tea, black tea, white tea and chamomile tea. All of these have their own taste, benefits and moods they bring in with them. We won’t feel any less than a tribal shaman and a royal artist upon making these teas for ourselves. They radiate an immense amount of fresh aroma, taste, and rejuvenation to put our crankiness to rest. Let’s plunge into the world of teas and see what it promises to us, and what we shouldn’t be missing out!


Heal your way with teas

If you take our word for it, relax and sit back. Take some time off for the blissful solitude over a cup of tea. Experience the gourmet teas and heal yourself, as every type of tea has remarkable healing properties.


Herbal teas

If spoken in medical terms, herbal teas are packed with immense medicinal values. These teas help slaying cholesterol, soothing your digestive system and leave you with healthy skin and gut. The antioxidants within the tea keep you hydrated. Green tea is the least processed one among the teas, natural and the only type that contains polyphenols and catechins. So, grab a cup of green tea if you want to lose some weight, improve oral health, increase brain function, gift yourself strong bones, and lower the risk of cancer.


Tulsi tea

This variety helps keep the immune system strong after injuries or illnesses, all thanks to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger teas can help calm nausea, and the aroma can make one feel better.


Convey your gratitude to the plant species of “Camellia sinensis.” All the categories are made from the same plant whether it’s black, green or white. Tea’s unique characteristics are the result of the human selection, soil composition, and local weather patterns and its processing method. Simply put, the more oxidized the tea is, the darker the infusion will be. Ono Teas offers you a platter of tea types to relish and stay healthy. Talk about being spoilt for choice!


Hop on to another ride, with teas

Now, let’s step down a bit and take the trip of the different moods with different teas and what they could mean to you. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that drinking tea is an experience. In a world full of experiences created over electronic products, we must hold everything dear to us that is natural and made for our human system.

Now, coming back to the experience of roller coaster again, tea could take you on an elegant ride. This ride brings you a variety of tea types, which scientists believe, could be your significant other for the purity of health. There are different types of teas in texture and sizes of which the two leading families are the full leaf tea and loose leaf tea.


Colours of tea

The tea’s production and packaging also significantly affect it. When one produces tea with ultimate care, fanned with love, its texture, and flavour ascends. For every tea, there is a type. And for every tea type, there is a variety of mood benefits. Consider the varieties that Ono Teas offers – Pure Chamomile, Chamomile Lemongrass, Tulsi Lemongrass, Turmeric Herbal tea, Gun Powder, Hojicha, Tulsi Sweet Lemon, Classic Green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast tea. As we look into the names of these tea types, it only brings us one thought; we missed these! Traditionally, tea is promoted as just under the umbrella name which is, tea! It’s time we justify the beauty of it.

Just like life has different shades, tea has its own colours to fill our life. Be it your lifestyle, your solitary moments, your artsy fantasies, or shared moments with people; tea can play a helpful role in all.


Tea varieties

Adding a pinch of charisma to your lifestyle, you have the Ono Teas’ Pure Chamomile tea. Under the branches of the “tea” are also Whiskey Tea and Peppermint Tea, steering us into perfect magical moments of conversations amidst our daily rush. Tea gives us excellent reasons to share our emotions with our friend or family. When talking about dialogue, historically, tea played a significant role when people met. Unlike today’s beer and coffee culture, people held tea high in every conversation. So, exploring and tasting different types of tea that comes with Ono Teas is not just significant, it is historical!


Elixir of life

You must be wondering why tea connoisseurs refer to tea as the elixir of moments. It is because it not only gives you beautiful shared moments but also invites memorable solitary moments too. Yes! Do you recall the last time you had a moment to yourself? Amidst electronic devices and television that feeds you dumb things, it is now possible for you to have a moment to yourself royally and spiritually!

For instance, Darjeeling Second Flush is the perfect tea for your perfect me-time. Be it watching a good movie, immersing in a book, or just staring straight to the horizon from your window, such teas elevates moments with yourself.

Apart from creating and immersing yourself in the magic of tea, this beverage also plays a massive role in expressing your love towards someone. Not just philosophically, even, in reality, you can translate your love for your dear ones into the tea which you make for them, promising them wonderful taste, and excellent health!


So, what do we learn, finally?

Royalty is your cup of tea. Luxury is also your cup of tea. Health is without a doubt, your cup of tea. Everything good that you would always want, comes with this beverage. Thus, it is not a surprise that you aren’t aware of the perfect drink for the perfect moment. The awareness and affection towards tea is a sip-second easier than the time it takes to put your kettles on.

The wide range of Ono Teas is the perfect reason why everyone in life must embrace this beverage. You can witness the journey of different teas right here. As long as we have different shades to humanity, as long as we have different moods to different moments, Ono Teas will always play a magical role in it.




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

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