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Drinking Tea – Is It Only A Fashionable Affair of The Past?

Drinking tea

Tea isn’t just a steaming, hot beverage. Instead, it is a source of joy – one that can be enjoyed with family, friends and even by one’s own self. It is a beverage to flaunt with. For me, tea is sensational and romantic. I enjoy it most while sitting with my hubby, browsing the television or laying back cracking jokes, sharing laughter or just reading a book. Drinking tea brings so much pleasure, and it’s one of the simplest ways to shut off the day’s stresses. So, how would you prefer your cup of tea? Would you care to share?

As a kid, I remember that tea time gatherings used to be a lot more fun. They used to involve beautiful porcelain tea sets that were the untouchables otherwise, but a must at the family get-together. It used to be a mega food affair with loads of bakery items taking their turn at the table. Tea becomes even more delicious when there are snacks to go along. Tea cakes to bite-size sandwiches, pastries to lemon tarts, cupcakes to mincemeat pies; ah such mouth-watering delights to savour upon. Hmm! Can still feel my mouth drooling with the perception of them.

Childhood recollections are so beautiful! Memories are endless, and it just takes moments for our mind to fill up with them. Tea times used to be so much more fashionable then what they are today. I wonder why tea times lost their charm. According to me, neither tea lovers have reduced in count nor has coffee taken over the love of tea.

I guess people have lost the will to interact and share. Nowadays, everyone seems to be so busy that we have forgotten the urge to sit and relax. Or to take out a little while for ourselves. Holding a cup of tea, lounging on the terrace and gazing at the beautiful sky. This is another reason why people seem to suffer from depression and stress-related issues. Because we are not able to keep up with day-to-day problems. Having only our laptop, iPad or cell phone to interact with have left us good for nothing. So, get out there, grab a cup or two and zing up some tea. Invite friends or family over and sit, laugh and be happy. Be human!!

Tea parties used to bring together fashion, clothing purses, books, pretty tea sets, table covers, and many such things. Tea parties were also known as high teas that used to be a delightful time for the ladies to get together and gossip. And I’m sure those were a superb source of relaxation. It is a proven truth from science that people who interact more with their friends or family are healthier and stay at bay from the harmful effects of stress and tension. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more secluded. Although the trend for dining out has increased a lot, drinking tea and the tea fiasco has lost its charm.

The beautifully handcrafted crochet table covers have almost gone extinct and these days dining tables barely have covers on them. Then another blow to the lovely tea times came with the introduction of big mugs that replaced the beautiful tea sets and the associated cutlery and many other delicacies. However, all these changes remained unable to impress my mom. In this day and age of tea mugs, my mother still craves for her cup and saucer. Another blow to the tea fab was the entry of tea bags which also led to do away with loose leaf tea and in came the more comfortable-to-handle tea bags.

I appreciate Ono Teas’ initiative to revive the tea culture amongst the youth. To them drinking tea is as important as drinking the right kind of tea. They not just offer a range of premium teas but also educate and inform their patrons about the salient features and benefits of different teas. I particularly like the way they categories their teas suiting the mood of the drinker. For instance, their ‘lifestyle’ category focuses on teas that boost the drinker’s health. They offer teas for proactive care, lifestyle disorders, and preventive care.

Their ‘conversations’ category is a brilliant bouquet of fine teas that stimulate interactions and engagements among people. Their ‘solitude’ line-up is a great way for one to relax and reflect upon their life’s moments.

I remember throwing a tea party one evening for my dear friends, some weeks back. I brought upon this party as the occasion to let my friends taste Ono Teas’ Peppermint tea and Kashmiri Kahwa. Not only did we regale in these flavours but also experienced a softly-enhanced excitement in our conversations and spirits!

Today life is fast-paced than ever. To me, it is much more important now, to stop by and relax. Grab a cup of tea and a book and sit and enjoy it downing each sip. Tea is fashionable, and it should stay so. Tea shops and cafes should be brought to life where people should sit together and speak their hearts out.

Drinking tea is not just therapeutic for our souls, but it is a celebration of everything in our life. When it comes to parties, people usually uncork their elegant wines. I dare to suggest tea. I think, drinking tea is not just a way of life. It brings out the best in us. Getting together and laughing together holding the beautiful teacups and enjoying each other are the most amazing things of all; which should be lived and relived every time.




Drinking teaThis article is one in a series of articles related to tea, written by Mrs. Zehra Zain, a creative writer and a foodie. She writes unique, research-driven content to enhance the reader’s perception of food, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Her innovative writings are an expression of her affair with food. She lives in Dubai with” the hubby”, “the kids” and “the four-wheeler”.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the writer, and not to the brand Ono Teas or other group or individual.

Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

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Me-time: Feel Guilty of Engaging in It? Try Fitting Tea Into It!


A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.


With the above lines, W.H. Davies concluded his poem, Leisure. The above lines are timeless; they continue to resonate in our minds even today. The current times are more frantic than ever with work, domestic and social responsibilities taking a toll on our health and peace of mind. In such a scenario, how many of us ponder and consider me-time a priority too?

Most of the individuals despite understanding the significance of taking out time for themselves from their busier than ever schedules, never actually do so. Here are some of the common reasons that people cite:

  • With over 10 hours of work on every weekday and pending personal tasks at home, me-time’ is out of the question.
  • I think ‘me-time’ sounds a bit selfish. I get a sense of guilt by even thinking about it.
  • Me-time is a matter of luxury rather than a necessity.

Perhaps, generally, people consider me-time as an activity that requires long passages of time, or an immersion into idyllic settings for deep introspection. Let’s bust the myth and understand the benefits of me-time in our life.


Me-time: A peek into the benefits

Water your mind


Let’s consider a simple scenario. You have a small garden outside your home, and your family has entrusted you with the responsibility of watering the plants every day. Let us suppose that owing to your busy lifestyle; you miss watering the plants as per the schedule. What do you think will happen next? Of course, the plants will de-flower, and their growth will be stunted. Well, you are aware of this result, and so, you will ensure that come what may you will take out time to water them regularly. You are well-informed about the consequences of not attending to your plants!

Here’s the analogy – Our minds too need this self-regulated care and attention. The only missing link here is that strangely when it comes to personal attention and care, most of us fail to pay attention to it. Scheduling some me-time is akin to recharge our batteries. As per studies, me-time is important for our health, well-being, and creativity. And so, it is no longer a matter of luxury but an absolute necessity. Neither it is an act of selfishness. Further, it is the quality that counts rather than the amount of time spent. So, you don’t need to invest hours, simply 5 minutes could suffice.


Reasons why physicians and scientists recommend me-time

  • Revitalises our brains
  • Helps us de-stress
  • Improves our concentration
  • Helps in problem-solving
  • Makes us more productive
  • Enhances our relationships
  • Facilitates better work-life balance
  • Allows time for introspection and quality thinking
  • Fosters self-discovery

Use your me-time to focus on activities that matter to you the most. Devote 5-10 minutes per day to meditation, or engage in your favourite activity regularly, be it painting, writing, cycling. Time spent in any activity that can be therapeutic to you and make you feel better could be defined as me-time, as explained in a health blog published by Harvard Medical School. Of course, bingeing on Netflix or making conversations on social media cannot qualify for me-time, as these serve to only entertain you without making any real, healthy contribution to your mind – Remember the ‘watering plants’ analogy raised above!


Me-time: Make a difference in your life

Scenario 1

Me-timeMeet Shashi Nautiyal, a mother of a 5-year old and a working mother.

Being part of an advertising agency, her work life is tremendously hectic. Her day begins at 5 in the morning and ends at 10 in the evening. With endless meetings and round-the-clock assignments, she works for as many as 55 hours every week. Back home, she ensures that her family’s needs are attended to promptly. She is a caring mother, a dutiful daughter-in-law and a doting wife. She’s the life of her family and an asset at workplace. She epitomises the quintessential modern woman. What’s her idea of me-time? A 30-minute jog in the morning.


Scenario 2

Me-timeMeet Arun Gosavi, a father of twins and a painter by profession.

His work life doesn’t follow a regular pattern. He may get his creative spurts even at 3 in the morning. So, how does he schedule his me-time regularly? “I step out of my studio every afternoon for an hour’s swim irrespective of the deadlines. It is not easy to follow this regime. Most of the times, I’m so pre-occupied with my assignments or engaged in meetings that skipping swimming is the only option feasible. But swimming to me is as much necessary as air to a human. It declutters my mind and helps me think straight, which is necessary for my art. So, come what may, this is one activity that I just can’t miss.” says Arun.


Scenario 3

Me-timeMeet Radhika Rao, a Vice President in an MNC and an avid solo motorcycle enthusiast. In a life span of 39 years, she has travelled nearly a quarter of the world. She belongs to the tribe of people who are best described as ‘Been there, done that.’ What constitutes her me-time? “A cup of tea,” quips Radhika.

“To me, tea is more than a daily dose of beverage. It not only helps me focus on my work better, but it also affirms my positive outlook on life. Anytime I get hassled I take a 5-minute break to deep dive into a cuppa of herbal tea. These teas are devoid of caffeine. So, there’s absolutely no risk to my health. It’s easier to prepare them too!

In fact, on many Sundays, I have ridden to the nearby hill station with my kettle only to enjoy my tea in the serenity of the hills. I love slipping into the Boketto and gaze at the clear skies, the raging clouds, and towering cliffs. I love these moments. If not for these, I would have never reached the heights in my career. So many times, that I have been to picnics with my girlfriends, to beaches and mountains, my kettle has been my constant companion. Wherever I go, my me-time enjoys unparalleled attention. My tea is my mojo, clearly.”, says Radhika.


So, what would you like to focus on to refuel your mind? Painting, writing, reading, Tai Chi, yoga – pursuits are endless. Be it any activity; the benefit is the same – greater contentment and better living. And, while you engage in it, a cup of freshly-prepared, warm tea accompanying it may heighten your experience. Wondering how?


“Where there’s tea there’s hope.”
– Arthur Wing Pinero


Tea helps

A notable study published in the scientific journal Food Quality and Preference examines the relation between drinking tea and divergent creativity and lays down a new path to investigate the relation between beverage consumption and human cognition improvement.


Divergent creativity
The cognitive process involved in solving a given problem with unlimited solutions.


Convergent creativity
The cognitive process involved in solving a given problem with only a single solution.


Previous research established that tea directly contributes to improved performance on convergent creativity tasks by inducing a positive mood. However, no inferences were available on the effect of tea on divergent creativity.

The aim of this research was to test the hypothesis: Tea consumption promotes divergent creativity, and this association is mediated by mood, i.e., tea drinking can lead to a positive mood which is beneficial for divergent creativity. The research team conducted two experiments, wherein participants were randomly assigned to two groups and implicitly manipulated to drink tea or water. The results depicted that the participants who drank tea performed better in the spatial creativity task and semantic creativity task in comparison to those who drank water. This research was the first to demonstrate that tea drinking can improve creative performance with divergent thinking.

Another study published in the scientific journal Food Quality and Preference accentuates the fact that tea is associated with mood, relaxation and increased performance.


Tea for inspiration

As you stay invested in your daily me-time, remain invested in the habit of drinking tea. The aforementioned research studies indicate that tea has elements that help boost focus. Nicole Bianchi (@NicoleJBianchi), a writer, copywriter, and storyteller, in one of her articles, elucidates the wonders of tea, making it part of her daily routine.

You need not bother about having a particular time slot to fit tea into your pursuit. Tea is an anytime beverage. You could sip tisanes throughout the day. Or, a chamomile tea could be blissful company while refreshing and rewinding to Jazz in the evening. What matters is that you take upon yourself the onus of being healthy, happy and productive by taking some time off work. And, once you are up with it, leave the rest to tea.


Discover Ono Teas

Me-timeOno Teas could be an excellent partner in your me-time. Keep your cup of signature Ono Teas products right beside you while you engage in fulfilling your endeavours. Want to meditate daily? Take a sip of our Pure Chamomile after your session. Want to take a break from work? Sip our Kashmiri Kahwa and take a plunge into the pleasant memories. The world of teas is diverse and huge. Awaken your senses with our Earl Grey, discover the divine taste of our Darjeeling Second Flush, embrace the benefits of our tisanes and invigorate your mind with the ravaging, full-bodied black teas. In life’s moments bright and grey, your cup of tea could be a constant companion. As simple as it sounds, if someone asks you what’s your reason for me-time, let the answer simply be tea.




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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