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Cool Green Ocean-The Name Says it All

Cup filled with Cool Green Ocean Tea with lemon wedge and straw

Whether it be the Justice League or the Avengers, it is a sight to behold when heroes join forces. We feel the same when combining different ingredients to create our teas. The results are just plain amazing. Take Cool Green Ocean for example. Blue Pea flower, spearmint, peppermint, and stevia leaves come together to create an exotic and minty summer drink with a fantastic ocean green colour.

Tisanes, more commonly known as herbal infusions, are becoming popular these days; possibly due to their great taste, flavour profile, aroma, and health benefits. At Ono Teas, we always want to create something fun and healthy. So our sommeliers, alongside our doctor partners, created a powerful combination. Butterfly blue pea flower, spearmint, peppermint, and stevia leaves. This gave a Cool Green Ocean colour to the tea. The mint leaves leave you with a minty aftertaste especially when you brew it cold or use it to make cocktails or mocktails. The best part is the powerful herbs that combine to bring you a plethora of health benefits. Let us dive deeper into each ingredient, shall we?

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower

Butterfly Blue Pea flower helps with Depression

Blue Pea flower, Ajaparita, or Shankhpushpi finds many references in Ayurveda. It has been traditionally used for improving mood and fighting mental issues. Even western medicine has now started confirming this. For example Journal of Natural Remedies, has published that blue pea flower may help in coping with depression. It concludes that this traditional herb has a wide spectrum of neuropharmacological benefits. Such as nootropic, anti-depressant, anti-stress, anxiolytic, and anticonvulsant activities.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower for improving Skin Health

Hate the chemicals in skin creams. We do too. The Butterfly Blue Pea flower is rich in polyphenols, proanthocyanidin, and flavonoids. These natural compounds stop the harmful effects of free radicals that damage and degrade skin. Dermatological studies published in renowned journals demonstrated that butterfly pea flowers may have antiglycation and antioxidant properties. These antioxidants protect you from free radicals breaking the collagen in your skin. Results: Reduced skin blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and loose, saggy skin.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower for improving Cognitive Function

Known as the “Shanka Pushpi”, the blue pea flower comes under the “Medhya” category in Ayurveda. This means that it may enhance neurological health.

A scientific review demonstrated the neuroprotective properties of the Butterfly Pea flower. These properties may significantly improve cognitive health, improving learning capacity, and boosting memory on regular consumption. These benefits may also suggest that they can help in the prevention of many neurological ailments. 

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower as an Antiviral Tea

There are many deadly viruses out there such as Ebola and Covid-19. Even though fighting them is not that easy, several other viruses that are less deadly (but still harmful) can be fought against, without any vaccines. 

One major health benefit of butterfly pea is its antiviral properties. According to a study, blue pea flower has shown antivirus properties that may help prevent potential attacks from different viruses. 

Butterfly Blue Pea flower is also Antipyretic

This traditional medicinal plant bears flowers that might help you with almost anything! Another amazing health benefit of blue pea flower is its antipyretic property. Research shows that just freshly brewed blue tea can help in reducing fevers drastically. 

Another lab test done on albino rats with yeast-induced pyrexia (fever) revealed positive results. The scientists did this to evaluate the methanol extract of Clitoria ternatea for any potential antipyretic properties. A single extract produced a significant reduction in normal body temperature and yeast-provoked elevated temperature in a dose-dependent manner. 

This flower expands the blood vessels under the skin, which increases the blood flow. This cools your body down. The study also suggested that the antipyretic effect of the extract was comparable to that of paracetamol, a standard antipyretic agent.

Blue Pea Flower contains very high amounts of Antioxidants

The Butterfly Pea flower has shown antioxidant properties in many lab studies. The reason for most of the benefits is the ample amounts of antioxidants present in this flower. Anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant, is the star of the show.

To prevent chronic diseases that come with oxidative stress, foods rich in antioxidants are very useful. Oxidative stress is a medical condition. The free radicals that damage our skin can result in oxidative stress.

Butterfly Blue Pea flower as an Anti-Inflammatory tea

Inflammation is a process that our body initiates to protect itself from outside invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. But when the body doesn’t know when to stop, inflammation can have long-term damaging consequences on your body, hence it is essential to include foods that prevent inflammation in your diet. 

Research has suggested that butterfly pea contains polyphenols that showed anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting components such as flavonoids, tannins, and polyphenols are the main cause behind their benefits.

Pharmacies could also use these flowers to make medicines. Medicines that protect against chronic inflammation. By suppressing the excessive production of pro-inflammatory mediators, this could be possible. Meaning, it can curb the factors that might cause inflammation.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower is Anti-Diabetic

Apart from genetics, your lifestyle choices heavily impact your risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Being overweight or obese makes your cells more resistant to the effects of insulin on your blood sugar.

Diabetes patients always have a hard time finding a beverage they could enjoy. Well, they won’t if they have a blue tea beside them! One cup of this beautiful blue potion taken between meals can prove very useful in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Butterfly Blue Pea flower offers miraculous health benefits. Recent research reveals that the blue pea flower may have antidiabetic activity. It helps inhibit the intake of glucose from the diet and lower blood sugar.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower is also Anti-Asthmatic

One of the natural ways of preventing Asthma is to consume foods having anti-asthmatic properties. For example, you guessed it, Blue Pea flower. 

A lab study evaluated the extract of the Blue Pea plant’s roots. The results demonstrated antiasthmatic activity. This indicates that consumption of blue tea may be beneficial to prevent asthma as well.

It acts as an expectorant and helps in reducing any irritation present in the respiratory organs. For those who have asthma, the extract of these roots may help in suppressing the symptoms.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower as an Analgesic

There are many natural sources of food that provide analgesic properties. Cloves, Ginger, and essential oils of Rosemary, Peppermint, or Eucalyptus, for example. blue pea flower is also one of them.

In a recent study, researchers induced writhing in some mice by administrating acetic acid in their blood.  Researchers found a significant decrease in the twisting, squirming movements, or contortions of the body after using the extract of Butterfly Blue Pea flower. This result indicated the analgesic properties present in the ethanol extract of the Blue Pea flower.

Spearmint Leaves

A hand holding a twig of spearmint. Spearmint leaves for demonstration.
Photo by Ivanna Kykla from Pexels

Also known as the “garden mint”, this minty herb contains aromatic oil, called the oil of spearmint. It is used as a flavouring and sometimes as a scent. This oil is one of the main reasons behind the various health benefits of spearmint, such as:

Spearmint Helps with Weight Management

Research has suggested that spearmint may help in managing weight and preventing obesity. It is not some magical herb, but it can aid in a healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle, and ideal weight.

Spearmint tea may act as a catalyst in your weight loss journey. It may act as a potential treatment for obesity, along with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Also, tea made with spearmint is very low in calories, meaning it won’t add much to your daily intake.

Spearmint May help Reduce Stress

Mental health is a very serious issue, especially in today’s world. We often ignore it as a society. We need natural ways to take care of our mental health.

Spearmint tea may help in relaxing your nerves and reducing stress. It is a natural anti-stress agent and helps you keep calm in stressful situations. In some South American countries, people have traditionally used spearmint as a remedy for stress and insomnia.

Recently, in a lab study, scientists gave spearmint extract to rats for observing any potential changes. The results indicated decreased anxiety and improved sleep. Spearmint leaves contain menthol, which is famous for its relaxing properties.

Spearmint may help Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Research suggests that spearmint tea may help lower blood sugar in some diabetes patients. There have not been any extensive human studies on the matter. But, studies on rats with diabetes have shown lower blood sugar levels when given spearmint.

In a lab study that having healthy and diabetic rats, the researchers gave spearmint extract to the rats every day. Compared to the healthy rats, the diabetic rats displayed lower levels of blood sugar.

In another study, the researchers gave 300 mg (per kg of body weight) of spearmint extract to diabetic rats daily for 21 days. The study reported a 25% reduction in blood sugar.

Spearmint may help in Dealing with PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance in women. PCOS makes women produce amounts of male hormones that are considered more than normal. This happens due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Women suffering from PCOS often report symptoms like irregular periods, excessive hair growth on the face, chest, back, or buttocks, hair loss, and acne.

Spearmint tea may help with PCOS. It has an anti-androgenic effect that results in a significant decrease in testosterone levels that may help in the treatment of PCOS.

In a 30-day study, 42 women with PCOS were given spearmint tea twice a day. Compared to the control group, these women showed lower testosterone levels. Similar results were found in another study, which was conducted on 12 women with PCOS.  Researchers gave spearmint tea to women with facial hair twice a day for 30 days in a different study. The results reported a significant reduction in facial hair.  

Spearmint may Improve Memory

Wouldn’t it be great if chugging on tea helped improve how our brain functions? Well, it’s not far from possible! Spearmint can help improve brain function by boosting memory.

Spearmint has neuroprotective properties. It increases neurotransmitter levels, protects neurons, and promotes neural growth. The chemical analysis says that spearmint may help improve memory and treat memory-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease.

A study tested mice’s memory by making them pass a maze test. After giving them some spearmint extract, the mice experienced improved learning and memory. Similarly, in a more recent study, scientists gave supplements containing 900 mg of spearmint extract to some older adults with memory impairment. The results showed a 15% improvement in working memory.

Spearmint has Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that help protect our bodies from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. These are harmful molecules that might cause oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can lead to several chronic conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Foods rich in antioxidants are very useful in preventing chronic diseases caused by oxidative stress. As mentioned above, oxidative stress is a medical condition. The free radicals that damage our skin can result in oxidative stress.

Spearmint has a lot of antioxidants. The most prominent ones are rosmarinic acid, flavones and flavanones like limonene and menthol. Antioxidants are also responsible for the memory-boosting and neuroprotective properties of spearmint.

Peppermint Leaves

A bowl filled with peppermint leaves for demonstration.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Compared to spearmint which has only 1% on menthol, peppermint has a whopping 40%. It adds a more intense “minty” flavour to the Cool Green Ocean. Peppermint also offers a lot of benefits, such as:

Peppermint may Improve Oral Health

Popularly used for flavouring candies and breath mints, peppermint has a pleasant minty taste. In fact, this fresh mint is not just good for taste, but for your oral hygiene as well. 

A study has reported that peppermint oil shows antibacterial activity that restricts the rapid growth of a bacteria called staphylococcus. In another study, test subjects who were given peppermint, tea tree, and lemon oils demonstrated improved breath.

The cooling properties of peppermint can effectively soothe tooth and muscle aches. Peppermint helps fight off oral pathogens and kills common bacteria that can lead to cavities and gum disease. This is the reason why peppermint can be found as a prominent ingredient in most kinds of toothpaste, gums, and several kinds of mouthwash.

Peppermint may Improve Digestion

Peppermint may prove useful in treating digestive ailments such as bloating and indigestion.  It also has a relaxing effect on the intestinal smooth muscle.

Studies conducted on animals indicate that essential oils present in peppermint helps relax the digestive tissues. It also prevents smooth muscle contraction and spasms.  

A different series of studies conducted on children revealed that peppermint significantly reduced the duration, frequency, and severity of abdominal pain. Include peppermint in your diet and keep those stomach ailments at bay!

Peppermint may help treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is actually a very common intestinal disorder, that consists of symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, and stomach pain. Although IBS cannot be cured, you can avoid the symptoms by managing their diet and lifestyle. Some may need medication.

Research has reported results based on a series of studies done on 926 people. The researchers treated the test subjects were with peppermint oil for two weeks. The results showed significantly better symptom relief among the subjects.

Another study done on 72 people who suffered from IBS gave similar results. The consumption of peppermint oil capsules reduced the symptoms of IBS by 40% after 4 weeks.

Peppermint is Anti-Viral

Today, we face new strains of viruses that are getting difficult to fight. So, incorporating antiviral foods into our diet has become a necessity. In fact, peppermint can help here. The essential oils present in peppermint have two main components-menthol and menthone. Research (in vitro) has suggested that peppermint has significant antiviral effects. 

This antiviral property of peppermint may even have a direct effect on our respiratory system and its health. To summarize, it may help with problems in the respiratory tract, nasal tract, and coughing reflexes. 

Stevia Leaves

Image by 13082 from Pixabay

Finally, the final ingredient that we add to this magical drink is stevia leaves. Added as a sweetener, stevia is a much healthier alternative to sugar. It gives the final touch to the taste of Cool Green Ocean. Stevia offers a lot of benefits:

Stevia Leaves help maintain Blood Pressure

High amounts of systolic and diastolic blood pressure cause hypertension. This may lead to cardiovascular diseases. Stevia leaves have anti-hypertensive properties which means that they may help in lowering blood pressure.

A study conducted on hypertensive rats indicated that high doses of stevia extract were beneficial to their health. Stevia caused vasodilation-widening of blood vessels and a lower mean arterial pressure in the hypertensive rats.

In another test, hypertensive human subjects were given stevia extracts- 250 mg three times a day for 3 months. A reduction in blood pressure was observed.

Stevia Leaves are Anti-Inflammatory

Stevioside is the main sweetener found in the leaves of the Stevia plant. There is plenty of evidence to support that stevioside acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in both lab studies and animal studies. 

Chronic inflammation causes inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Stevia leaves may help in treating them.

Research suggests that the ent-kaurene diterpene glycosides isolated from the Stevia plant were found to suppress inflammation.

Stevia Leaves as Anti-Diabetic

In countries like Brazil, stevioside from the stevia plant is used for treating diabetes.

In a study, 12 patients with type-2 diabetes were given a standard meal. One group was given stevia and the other group was given starch(control group).

The results reported that stevioside reduced the postprandial blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients, indicating beneficial effects on glucose metabolism.

Stevia Leaves may help with Weight Management

Do you know that obesity is a major and possibly fatal issue? It is increasing rapidly as the world moves towards fast foods and sugary treats. Sugar is the main reason why people face weight issues and obesity. One tablespoon of sugar (12 grams) provides about 45 calories.

On the other hand, stevia is calorie-free. This is actually the main reason why stevia is a proper alternative to sugar, as it may keep you full longer without extra calories.

In a study of 31 adults, two groups were given a 290-calorie snack made with stevia and a 500-calorie snack made with sugar. The stevia group reported a more fullness level. In fact, they felt more satiated even though they consumed fewer calories as compared to the control group.

To Conclude

With this powerful combination of butterfly blue pea flower, spearmint, peppermint, and stevia leaves, the Cool Green Ocean is a unique blend that is a must-try.  Combining all the benefits from the potent ingredients, it acts as a potion of life.

So, give it a whirl, and make sure to let us know your valuable opinions. Don’t forget to try all the other amazing teas from our wide range of fine concoctions. Ono Teas brings you this minty freshness right at your doorsteps.

If you are a woman, here’s a tea specially crafted for you: Spearmint PCOD Tea. You can find out why spearmint is great for you by reading Spearmint: A Boon for the Ladies. If you like exploring the health benefits of all these exciting teas, make sure you check out our other blogs such as Stay Fresh and Lovely with Rose Mint Tea.

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Spice It Up With Spicy Oolong

We all need some spice in our lives. Life can get really boring, really fast. While not diving too deep into the philosophical aspects of our lives, a simple cup of tea can definitely be a pick-me-up. A prime example would be Spicy Oolong– Your regular oolong tea with the spicy twist of cinnamon. If you have never heard of oolong tea or how it’s good for you, then keep reading. 

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea. Just like green tea or black tea, oolong tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The main difference is the method of processing. Oolong tea is partially oxidized: less than black tea but more than green tea. This partial oxidation is the reason for oolong tea’s characteristic taste and colour. Due to the partial oxidisation, oolong tea has the best of both worlds.

Now that you know about oolong tea, let’s dive deeper into the health benefits it offers.

Teapot with printed art filled with Oolong tea leaves
Photo by Jose Esquivel from Pexels

Oolong Tea May Help in Managing your Weight

A natural way to incorporate healthy measures into your diet is to consume tea. Of course, a balanced diet and regular exercise are a must. A lot of studies suggest that tea can play a crucial role in managing body weight. 

Oolong tea is a traditional semi-oxidized Chinese tea. It is different when it comes to taste and aroma, but the benefits are pretty similar to regular tea.

In a study done on 12 men, it was found that compared to water, those who drank tea had more energy in general. The energy expenditure of the men who were given full-strength tea was increased by 2.9%.

May Reduce the Risk of Cancer

One of the most deadly diseases on the face of the earth, cancer has no guaranteed way to be cured. It can only be prevented through a healthy lifestyle, and treatment is also very risky with very low chances of survival. 

The consumption of most types of teas provides properties that drastically affect our lives. Oolong tea has chemopreventive properties that may help keep this disease at bay.

In a study done on black tea extracts, it was found to exhibit anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative, and anti-neoplastic activities. These activities indicate the potential for the prevention of cancer in humans as well.

Oolong Tea May Prevent Heart Disease

Heart diseases are very common these days. People who are overweight have a higher risk of heart failure. The New Delhi Birth Cohort has revealed in a PubMed research, that “The annual number of deaths from CVD (cardiovascular disease) in India is projected to rise from 2.26 million (1990) to 4.77 million (2020)”.

A study done on 12 men reported that consumption of tea helped them exhibit increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation. More energy expenditure means less accumulation of lipid, which can decrease the incidence of heart disease.

Another study revealed that 600 out of 1507 subjects who were regular tea drinkers, had a 46% decreased risk of developing hypertension.  

Oolong Tea Acts as an Antioxidant

Oxidative stress is a serious problem that can pave the way for chronic diseases like heart conditions. It is caused by the damage done by free radicals in our bodies. Antioxidants are compounds that reduce or prevent the chance of oxidative stress and hence they are extremely important for us.

Studies reveal that oolong tea shows antioxidant activity between 233 and 532 µmol/g, which is pretty significant. The researchers noticed a modest increase in human plasma antioxidant capacity upon oolong tea consumption.

The compounds responsible for this are Theasinensins,  A–E/alpha-tocopherol, and Theasinensins A–E. They decrease lipid peroxidation, which is a good thing against free radical damage.

Oolong Tea is Anti-Inflammatory 

Inflammation is a process that starts in our bodies once an injury takes place. It can lead to heat, pain, redness, swelling as our body tries to protect itself. But long-term inflammation, lasting for prolonged periods of several months to years, is a bad thing.

Research suggests that ethanol extract of oolong tea shows pro-angiogenic activity mediating protective effects on inflammation. 

Oolong reduces plasma MCP-1, which is another indication of its anti-inflammatory properties. Other components such as flavonoids such as cate-chins, theaflavins, and theasinensins also contribute to its anti-inflammatory nature.

Oolong Tea is also Anti-Diabetic

Diabetes can be very difficult to live with. There is no way to cure it, therefore preventing it is our only option. One way to do this is by incorporating tea into our diets.

Oolong tea may help reduce the risk of diabetes. In a study done on diabetic rats, Oolong tea reduced plasma glucose from 229 to 162.2 mg/dL. Theasinensins play a major role in the anti-diabetic property of Oolong tea. Theasinensins A has shown antihyperglycemic responses in diabetic mice.

Then What About The Spice?

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of the small tree Cinnamomum. Doctors have used cinnamon for medical purposes since medieval times. Cinnamon has a sweet and woody flavour with a slight citrusy note. As it offers a lot of health benefits, we often use it as a spice. 

Cinnamon May Lower Cholesterol Levels

According to research done for the Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, cinnamon may help in lowering the cholesterol levels in our blood. C. zeylanicum and C. cassia, both types of cinnamon have shown cholesterol-lowering and lipid-lowering properties.

To quote the results, “After 40 days, 1, 3, or 6 g of cinnamon daily reduced mean fasting serum glucose (18–29%), triglyceride (23–30%), LDL cholesterol (7–27%), and total cholesterol (12–26%) levels”. The researchers noted no significant changes in the placebo groups.

Cinnamon May Improve Oral Health

Commonly used as an additive for flavour, this aromatic condiment has other benefits than making our food better. Cinnamon’s oral health benefits mainly come due to the prime component named cinnamaldehyde.

Research demonstrates that the antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties of cinnamon allow it to effectively cleanse our mouth. That’s why cinnamon has traditionally been used as tooth powder and to treat toothaches, dental problems, etc.

Cinnamon is Full of Antioxidants

Cinnamon is famous for its essential oils. These aromatic essential oils are responsible for their taste, flavour, and aroma. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help in preserving foods for longer a duration of time, and the consumption of antioxidants prevents oxidative stress. 

A study shows that various extracts of cinnamon have shown considerable antioxidant activity. They also prevent age-related ailments. Especially the methanol extract of cinnamon has the maximum anti-oxidant property. Cinnamon’s antioxidant property is mainly due to the eugenol component which has inhibited peroxynitrite-induced nitration and lipid peroxidation in the tests.

Cinnamon is Anti-Inflammatory

Tests suggest that cinnamon and its essential oils show significant anti-inflammatory properties. 

The researchers suggested that the use of cinnamon for consumption may be beneficial for the therapeutic treatment or prevention of some inflammation-mediated neurodegenerative diseases. 

Including cinnamon as a spice in your diet is heavily beneficial. Another way of consuming cinnamon may be in the form of tea. Try Spicy Oolong, for instance.

Cinnamon is also Anti-Diabetic

Medical professionals often use cinnamon-based supplements to treat diseases like diabetes. Diabetics often struggle with managing their glycemic index. Consumption of cinnamon may help in managing type-2 diabetes. 

Research shows that cinnamon contributes to better diabetic health by not only normalizing the blood sugar levels but also the lipid profile and blood pressure that play an important role in the prevention of further problems in a diabetic person.

A Spicy Twist

The sweet and woody aroma of Spicy Oolong will definitely uplift your mood. Spicy Oolong is sweet, woody and astringent in taste– a must-try!

So, after reading all these benefits, you might be interested in trying out Spicy Oolong by yourself. If so, you can order a trial pack for starters, or you can take that leap of faith and order the 30-day pack. Either way, make sure to let us know how you liked it.

Want to stick to black tea, but also try something new? Try the traditional British brew Earl Grey. If you like exploring new and exciting brews, check out 7 Reasons To Try Rooibos Tea. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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Red Rooibos Tea – Just Rooibos, or Something More?

Focused shot of a glass cup filled with Rooibos Tea with a teabag in it.

Have you ever tried Hibiscus tea? What about Rooibos tea? Whatever your answer might be, this crimson delight is something worth trying. Red Rooibos Tea is a tisane that has two ingredients– beautiful hibiscus flower petals and strong yet delightful Rooibos Tea leaves. Being completely caffeine-free, Red Rooibos Tea gives off an incredibly smooth and gentle aroma. But apart from the sweet, delicate and earthy flavour, Red Rooibos Tea also has a lot of health benefits to offer. We are going to dive deeper into each ingredient and find out how it is good for us. Let’s begin.

Hibiscus Flower Petals

People often use hibiscus tea as a medicinal tea, despite having a great flavour profile. Traditionally, African countries use hibiscus tea to treat heart disease, decrease body temperature, and soothe a sore throat. Building upon the historical significance, modern science has also done quite a lot of research on hibiscus. This caffeine-free and calorie-free (not if you add sugar or honey) beverage offers a surfeit of health benefits.

Hibiscus may help with Weight Control

Most of us struggle with weight issues in our daily lives. Including Hibiscus in our drinks such as tea can help in controlling our body weight.  Today, obesity is one of the most underrated medical conditions in our society. It is extremely dangerous and can lead to other diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer. 

Studies have shown that the extract of the Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) flower can help in weight management by regulating our body’s metabolism. Along with the right exercises, this can help you in maintaining a healthy body.   

A study conducted on 36 overweight people had the participants divided into two groups- one was given hibiscus extract and the control group took a placebo. After 12 weeks, the hibiscus extract reduced their body fat, body weight, hip-to-waist ratio, and body mass index.  

Another study, done on obese mice, reported a reduction in their body weight after 60 days of regular administration of hibiscus extract.  Besides regular exercise and a balanced diet, hibiscus tea can prove essential in managing body weight.

Hibiscus may help control Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be a very serious problem if ignored. Hypertension can cause severe stroke, and can even be fatal. Preventing such a disastrous condition is crucial to our health. Over time, high blood pressure can weaken the heart, increasing the risk of heart disease. 

According to some results shown in a study, hibiscus is shown to reduce both systolic (SBP) and diastolic(DBP) blood pressure. In a study done with 65 people having high blood pressure, the subjects were divided into two groups. The experimental group was given hibiscus tea and the control group was given a placebo. 

After 6 weeks, the people who had hibiscus tea showed a significant decrease in their systolic blood pressure, compared to the control group. Therefore hibiscus tea may help in maintaining proper blood pressure naturally, paving the way to a risk-free life.

May give you a Healthy Heart 

The importance of monitoring your cholesterol levels is exponentially great. We must be extremely aware of the health choices we make while choosing what we consume in our daily lives. Hibiscus may help in lowering the fat levels in our blood. There is plenty of research on the subject to support this.

By reducing the cholesterol metabolism in our body, a study suggests that Hibiscus has pharmacological properties that may prevent cardiovascular diseases, which minimizes the risk factors, giving us a healthy heart.

In a study, 60 diabetic people were divided into two groups- one was given hibiscus tea and the other one drank black tea. After one month of regular consumption, those who drank hibiscus tea reported decreased levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.   

Researchers at PubMed conducted another study with subjects suffering from metabolic syndrome. They administered a daily dose of 100 mg of hibiscus extract to the subjects, for one month. The researchers observed that the extract decreased total cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol).

Hibiscus can be an Anti-Depressant

Mental health is very serious and we often tend to ignore it. Our fast-paced lives can be stressful, and if we don’t do anything about it, we end up suffering. 

Manifestly, those who suffer from a major mental illness need to consult a therapist as their top priority. According to a study, the extract of hibiscus has shown antidepressant-like properties. Also, it did not have any sedative properties, that modern antidepressants usually have.

Hibiscus is Anti-Diabetic

Diabetes is a chronic disease that destroys so many lives every day. The life of a diabetic person can be very troublesome, and therefore a refreshing drink that may relieve some of those problems can help a lot! As per research, the powder of the hibiscus flower can reduce glucose levels and improve lipid profile in our body, therefore it may improve the condition of some diabetic patients.

Hibiscus is also Antipyretic

Fevers and coughs are two of the most common ailments that almost anyone can contract these days. While taking an antibiotic seems like the best solution, but taking medicines regularly is not good for our bodies.  We must incorporate healthy food choices into our lifestyles to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

According to a study, the Hibiscus flowers have properties shown to help in bronchitis and relieve fevers and coughs. So next time you catch a fever, making a nice beverage containing Hibiscus just might help you get through it. 

Hibiscus is Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that are very essential to our bodies. They protect us from the cellular damage caused by free radicals, which often leads to oxidative stress. If not controlled, it paves the way for chronic diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Oxidative stress also contributes to faster ageing. 

Hibiscus tea is rich in powerful antioxidants, therefore it helps prevent the damage and diseases that the free radicals can cause. There are many other studies to find more about the antioxidant activity of hibiscus. Scientists in a study used hibiscus extract on rats to examine its antioxidant activity. They observed that the extract increased the number of antioxidant enzymes and reduced the damage caused by free radicals by up to 92%.  

Another study conducted on rats delivered similar results. It was found that different parts of the hibiscus plant, such as the leaves, possess potent antioxidant properties. There is still a lot of room for human-based research done on hibiscus.

Hibiscus May Promote Liver Health

Needless to say, the liver is one of the most crucial organs of the human body. It secretes bile juice, excretes waste products, and metabolizes fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Maintaining proper liver health is very important, and studies suggest that hibiscus may help keep it working efficiently.

A study conducted on overweight people revealed that administering hibiscus extract for 12 weeks improved their liver steatosis, a medical term for fatty liver disease.  If not treated, the extreme buildup of fat can lead to liver failure.

Another study, conducted on hamsters, revealed that hibiscus extract prevented potential damage-causing markers in the liver. This reduction of liver damage markers indicates the protective nature of the hibiscus flower.  

In another study, the administration of hibiscus extract in rats resulted in a 65% increase in the drug-detoxifying enzymes that are present in the liver. Having hibiscus tea regularly could protect your liver against fatty liver disease and detoxify it as well.

May Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a leading cause of death. The uncontrollable division of cancer cells can result in tumours and damage to the immune system that can be fatal. The best way to deal with it is to try and prevent it. Hibiscus contains compounds such as polyphenols, that are helpful in the prevention of cancer.

Many lab studies have examined the potential effect of hibiscus extract on cancer cells. In a test-tube study, scientists suggested that hibiscus extract showed the ability to reduce the motility and invasiveness of two different types of cancers.  

Another study revealed that hibiscus leaf extract helped prevent the spreading of prostate cancer cells in humans. Hibiscus extract has shown the ability to inhibit the growth of stomach cancer cells by almost 52% in other studies.  (1)

Let’s move on to our other ingredient– Rooibos Tea.

What is South African Rooibos?

Rooibos belongs to the Fabaceae family of plants. It grows in South Africa, and the name ‘Rooibos’ means “red bush”. The leaves of the Rooibos plant are used in making herbal teas. Rooibos tea has gained international popularity since the 2000s, and now everyone is enjoying the earthy, nutty taste and the warm woody notes in its aroma. 

What makes Rooibos tea Special?

Widely known across the world, the South African Rooibos tea possesses various health benefits. It is also available as South African Rooibos Tea Bags.

Rooibos helps in Weight loss 

Many of us struggle with weight issues. In India, abdominal obesity is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVDs). The problem is serious, and we must act upon it ASAP. But how do we do that? Well, the best way is to combat it naturally- that is, by having a proper diet and regular exercise. Rooibos can help here.

Research has suggested that Rooibos tea may help in managing weight issues. Rooibos tea contains a rich complement of polyphenols, including flavonoids, which directly affect the ability to combat obesity. A study showed that Rooibos tea in soluble form inhibited the process called adipogenesis (formation of fat or fatty tissue). It also affected and improved metabolism.

So, just by sipping tea, you would be taking care of your weight and having a great time as well.

Rooibos Tea helps in reducing Insomnia

Caffeine might help you stay alert, attentive, and energetic throughout the day, but an excess of it can have a bad effect on your sleep and your health in general. Completely free of caffeine, Rooibos tea helps to put you to sleep- making it an excellent alternative to coffee.

Apart from zero caffeine, Rooibos tea also has a low amount of Tannins, a compound that interferes with the absorption of certain nutrients, such as iron. This is even more useful in treating insomnia and having a good night’s sleep.

Rooibos Tea helps relieve Headaches

Headaches are just plain annoying. The worst part is, we can’t just be popping pills all the time, as that’s not healthy in the long run. A natural way of dealing with headaches is consuming Rooibos. Apart from the other health benefits associated with Rooibos tea, its ability to soothe headaches often goes unnoticed. You can enjoy this caffeine-free beverage before sleep without hindering the quality of your sleep at all.

Having a cup of Rooibos tea before sleep helps you relax and relieves all the built-up tension you might have. By normalizing your sleeping patterns, Rooibos prevents any potential headaches or irritability caused by sleeplessness.

South African Rooibos Tea may boost your Immune System

Our immune system is like the backbone of our health- apart from the actual backbone, which is also the backbone of our health (sorry for the bad attempt at humour). Therefore, the best way of preventing diseases and being healthy in general is to boost our immune system naturally. Research has suggested that Rooibos tea may help in improving the immune system of your body. 

In a Japanese study conducted in immune-suppressed rats, researchers found that introducing a water-soluble fraction of Rooibos tea restored the immune function of the rats. The researchers also indicated that these properties might hold significant potential for future research into the immune-boosting properties of Rooibos tea. Maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye?

Rooibos tea has a lot of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that help protect our bodies from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. These are harmful molecules that might cause oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can lead to several chronic conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Foods rich in antioxidants are very useful in preventing chronic diseases caused by oxidative stress. As mentioned above, oxidative stress is a medical condition. The free radicals that damage our skin can result in oxidative stress.

Apart from preventing oxidative stress, the long-term benefits of antioxidants may include the prevention of major ailments such as heart disease. 

In a study with 15 people as subjects, red and green variants of Rooibos tea increased the blood levels of antioxidants by 2.9% and 6.6% respectively. 

Rooibos is a great anti-Inflammation agent

Inflammation is a protection mechanism of our body, which activates when we are injured. This process can be harmful if it does not stop for a long time. In tests done in test tubes and on living beings, Rooibos has shown anti-inflammatory properties. 

Rooibos tea may have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for our health. 

A Japanese study done on rats with colitis (open sores in the colon) indicated that Rooibos tea could reduce inflammation via increased antioxidant activity. Rooibos tea is recommended as a safe and useful way to reduce oxidative stress, reducing the damage caused to the DNA by oxidation. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Rooibos are interlinked.

Red Rooibos is also anti-Diabetic

Living with diabetes can be very difficult. Your food options are limited, and you always have to keep the right foods with you. Well, you don’t have to worry about Rooibos. In fact, Rooibos is actually helpful in this scenario.

The antioxidant called aspalathin has significant antidiabetic activity. Rooibos tea is the only natural source of aspalathin. A study suggested that Rooibos tea affected glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetes. By stimulating glucose uptake in muscle tissues and insulin secretion from pancreatic beta-cells, it could benefit type 2 diabetics. Another study found that Rooibos provides effective protection against oxidative stress in diabetic rats. 

Next time you sit with your diabetic friends, you won’t have to make a separate drink for them. You can all enjoy a cup of Rooibos.

A Red Rush of Health

With the combined goodness of Hibiscus flower petals and Rooibos tea, Red Rooibos Tea becomes a must-try for anyone who aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle. All these benefits are backed by reliable sources and years of research. So you can be carefree while shopping at Ono Teas. Go crazy!

If you have tried Full Petal Hibiscus or South African Rooibos, you will definitely enjoy Red Rooibos Tea (If you haven’t, then what’s the hold-up?). Of course, if you’re new, you can always try the trial pack, or if you trust us, you can take that leap of faith and order the 30-day pack. Check out other teas from our amazing range– I’m sure you’ll find Masala Tea really fascinating.

If you want to explore more teas, here’s another blog for you– Make Way For Minty Oolong. Happy shopping and cheers to your health!

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White Rose Tea– White Tea with a Flowery Punch

A book and various roses with a cup of rose tea placed on a saucer, all placed on a tablecloth

You might have heard of black tea, green tea, and several herbal teas as well… But have you ever heard of white tea? Yes, you read it correctly. White tea comes from the same plant as black and green tea– Camellia sinensis. It gets its name because when white tea leaves and buds are picked just before they are fully open, they’re covered in fine white hairs. White tea has similar health benefits to green and black tea but is unique in its aroma and flavour. When you add rose petals to the mix, you get White Rose Tea.

Rose Petals in Tea?

White Rose may not be your everyday conventional tea, but it can give even better results. With the various benefits of white tea, the rose petals add even more benefits. But there’s more. Rose petals grant light grassy notes and an amazing rose fragrance to the White Rose Tea. Not just the aroma, but you can see the influence in the taste as well. The White Rose Tea has floral notes and a very creamy texture to it. 

So what are these benefits that we are talking about? Let’s find out. 

White Tea Leaves

White Tea Helps With Weight Management

Apart from green tea, white tea may also help in managing weight and burning fat. Caffeine and catechins like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are present in both green and white teas in the same amount. They are linked to each other and may impact body weight.

In a test-tube study, researchers found that white tea extract can stimulate fat breakdown and prevent new fat cells from being formed. EGCG is mainly responsible for this outcome. 

Another study indicated that white tea may help boost your metabolism by around 4–5%.

Boosting your metabolism helps burn fat faster, and a 4-5% boost may be equal to 70–100 calories per day.

Prevents Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the major killer diseases around the world. With increasing cases of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, the risk of heart disease is rapidly growing. Polyphenols present in white tea may help prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease.

A few studies have suggested that polyphenols may help in boosting immunity and relax the blood vessels. (1)(2)  

Another study indicated that polyphenols may prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) which leads to heart disease. A study conducted with human subjects found that three cups or more of tea per day resulted in a 21% lower risk of heart disease in the subjects. 

White Tea Improves Oral Health

Green tea is already popular for improving oral hygiene, but white tea also has some benefits. Catechins are known for inhibiting bacterial growth, lowering the risk of oral infections.

White tea does not contain any tannins that cause teeth to stain. Researchers conducted a study to measure the antiplaque efficacy of a mouthwash containing white tea. 

A mouthwash containing white tea inhibits plaque formation but is not as good as a chlorhexidine mouthwash. 

White tea also displayed antibacterial activity against Prevotella intermedia (Pi), Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg), and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aa) in vitro at 1% concentration.

White Tea is Filled With Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that reduce or prevent the chance of oxidative stress and hence they prevent chronic diseases like heart conditions. The polyphenols present in white tea act as antioxidants for your body. 

Research suggests that white tea might be as good as green tea in fighting the damage caused by free radicals. These are two of the best teas to counter oxidation and prevent oxidative stress. Researchers also say that white tea extract can help protect animal nerve cells against damage caused by hydrogen peroxide, a type of free radical.

Another test-tube study revealed that white tea powder helps reduce the inflammation caused by free radicals in human skin cells. 

Anti-Diabetic Property

Diabetes is extremely common and very hard to live with. It cannot be cured and can only be prevented. Due to high levels of sugar in the bloodstream, people with diabetes stop responding to insulin. This is known as insulin resistance.

Researchers reported that white tea polyphenols may lower the risk of insulin resistance, hence preventing diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic disease. Other studies have revealed that EGCG and other polyphenols found in white tea may enhance the effectiveness of insulin and prevent high blood sugar levels.

A review of a huge number of studies with over 1,100 people showed results that indicate the ability of polyphenols to significantly reduce blood sugar and insulin levels.

So, What about Rose Petals?

Pink Rose Petals and a bottle of Rose Oil Placed on a wooden coaster with white background.
Rose Petals and Essential Oil
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Undoubtedly the most famous symbol of love, rose petals provide so much more than just appreciation for love. 

Rose Petals help Smoothen the Respiratory System.

Roses have cultural and medicinal significance. All roses are edible, and therefore you can make an aromatic herbal beverage by using them. They may help smoothen your respiratory system from the inside. 

In a lab test, the researchers found that ethanolic and aqueous extracts of the rose plant significantly reduced the number of coughs induced by citric acid in guinea pigs. The aqueous, ethyl acetate and n-butanol fractions of the Damask rose also had a relaxant effect on the tracheal smooth muscle of guinea pigs. 

Rose may help Reduce Stress.

Today, almost every one of us experiences stressful situations. It’s hard to cope with it, and we should take care of our loved ones if they ever feel stressed out. A simple, homemade, and natural way of handling stress is to consume some freshly brewed Rose Tea.

People have used roses for their therapeutic properties for a long time. Rose oil may help in reducing nervous stress and tension. 

In a study conducted on male mice under chronic stress, researchers aimed to investigate the neuropsychological effects of a water-soluble extract of French rose. The results indicated that french rose extract exerted an anti-stress effect on the mice subjected to chronic stress. 

Rose Helps the Central Nervous System.

The central nervous system (CNS) controls most functions of your body and mind. It has three broad functions: sensory input, information processing, and motor output. The CNS is literally the backbone of your health. Pun intended.

Apart from the antidepressant and antianxiety effects, the ethanolic extract of the flowering tops of Damask rose has other properties as well. Rose possesses a potent hypnotic activity on the central nervous system in mice. The scientists observed that the sleeping times of the mice increased. This extract also shows anticonvulsant and analgesic effects and promotes nerve growth in mice.

Rose is Anti-Diabetic.

People suffering from diabetes have it tough. The only way to combat diabetes is to either prevent it or modify our lifestyle to deal with the damage caused. Rose may help here. Research suggests that Damask rose exerts an anti-diabetic effect on our body.

In a study, researchers orally administered some amount of methanol extract of Damask rose in normal and diabetic rats. As a result, significantly decreased blood glucose after maltose loading was observed.

Also, Damask rose was identified as a potent inhibitor of the α-glucosidase enzyme, which can reduce the postprandial glucose level in the blood. The polyphenols present in rose tea may help in the prevention of type-2 diabetes.

Rose is also Anti-Ageing.

We often see rosewater as a prominent component in most beauty products. This is mainly due to the anti-ageing properties. Rose is rich in antioxidants. These are the compounds that protect our cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals cause damage on a cellular level, which might result in oxidative stress, which can cause premature ageing issues. Research suggests that the anti-ageing properties of rose-flower extract might be due to its antioxidant activity. 

Rose can Alleviate Menstrual Cramps.

Almost 50% of women suffer from menstrual pains. Some of them even experience headaches, diarrhoea, fatigue, and vomiting during their menstruation period. Rose tea has been used in Chinese medicine as a traditional remedy for menstrual pains.

In a Taiwanese study, researchers gave 2 cups of rose tea to 130 teenagers daily for 12 days. They did this for a duration of 6 menstrual cycles. Compared to the control group, those given the tea reported less menstrual pain and a better mental health condition.

White Rose Tea: A Pure and Lovely Concoction

All these benefits in just a cup of tea! But remember, these benefits will only be noticeable when these teas are consumed for a proper amount of time and regularly. White Rose Tea is low in caffeine, so start sipping without worries!

If you are intrigued by the White Rose Tea, you can order it right away. Try out the trial pack first, and I’m sure you’ll go for the 30-day Pack next. If you would like to stick to the basics, buy the Classic Green Tea. Or, if you want something extra with it, try Chamomile Green Tea.

If you find this blog interesting, check out our other blog Moroccan Mint Tea: A Powerful Minty Duo.

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Manage Weight and Much More with Moringa Green Tea

You may not have heard of this one. Stick around, and you might learn something new. Moringa oleifera, commonly called the Drumstick plant, has a lot of health benefits to offer. Moringa leaves have several bioactive plant compounds that make them very nutritious. When we combine this amazing plant with the people’s favourite green tea, we get Moringa Green tea, which has the goodness of both these amazing ingredients. 

What’s In It?

You’re here to find out about the benefits of Moringa Green. So why don’t we get right to it? Here’s a list of all the health benefits you get by consuming Moringa Green, one ingredient at a time.

Moringa Leaves

leaves of moringa tree in daylight
Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

Moringa May Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the entire world. It is better to prevent it when we have the chance. Moringa is said to have potential therapeutic effects to fight cancer. 

In a study conducted in 2011, Moringa oleifera displayed chemopreventive properties. A high dose of (6%) boiled Moringa oleifera caused tumour incidence and multiplicity to decrease. 

Due to the presence of compounds called niazimicin and glucomoringin, the inhibition of tumour cell proliferation was observed. The seed extract showed activity against several different cancer cell lines (lung, liver, colon, and neuroblastoma).

Moringa May Help Reduce Anxiety

Moringa oleifera has been used as a traditional medicine for a long time. Sources indicate that moringa oleifera could be used as a potential treatment for anxiety.

Authors from the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) suggest that fresh Moringa leaves in dried form are very suitable and beneficial for consumption.

Researchers from the Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences (AM&HS)  suggest that Moringa oleifera has anxiolytic properties. They speculate that this can be due to its modulating role on the above neurotransmitters or due to its antioxidant property. 

Another study, involving Swiss albino mice revealed that combined administration of MOE with low doses of fluoxetine, or other SSRI drugs seem to have promising potential in fighting anxiety.  

Moringa Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

As we get older, we must keep a check on things like blood pressure and sugar levels. Moringa may help in controlling blood pressure. 

Due to the presence of compounds named isothiocyanate and niaziminin, moringa may reduce the risk of hypertension, since these components help in stopping arteries from thickening. 

A study involving 10 males with hypertension revealed interesting results. The researchers gave 150 ml of Moringa oleifera leaf juice to the patients. They did this two times a day, for a period of 30 days. The researchers observed a drastic reduction in the systolic and diastolic blood pressures of the subjects. 

Moringa Helps Cure Sore Throat

According to the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE), Moringa has been used as a traditional medicine around the world for sore throats. Apart from all the other amazing benefits, moringa also offers benefits that span several disciplines such as botany, chemistry, and pharmacology.

In studies involving both living organisms and test-tube experiments, researchers have demonstrated the wound healing property of Moringa Olifeira. However, we need more research on this subject to open the direct application of this property. 

Moringa is Filled with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential to our bodies. They protect us from the damage caused due to free radicals. Free radicals can cause oxidative stress, which can result in chronic ailments like diabetes and heart disease. Researchers tested aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Moringa on markers of oxidative stress, its toxicity evaluation, and correlation with antioxidant properties in a study.

In fact, Moringa oleifera has shown antioxidant activity in both test-tube experiments and experiments on living organisms 

It also contains a powerful antioxidant called quercetin. It may help in reducing blood pressure in hypertensive subjects. 

Moringa is Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is a protection mechanism of our body, which activates when we are injured. This process can be harmful if it does not stop for a long time. In tests done in test tubes and on living beings, Moringa has shown anti-inflammatory properties. 

A study done in 2010 indicated that the Moringa possessed anti-inflammatory properties against CCl4-induced liver damage and fibrosis. 

Similarly, research from the National Library of Medicine states that isothiocyanates are the prominent anti-inflammatory compounds in moringa seeds, leaves, and pods.

Moringa is also Anti-Diabetic

Hyperglycemia refers to increased levels of sugar, or glucose, in the blood.

It is the main cause of diabetes, which can be a major problem if not prevented early. High blood sugar may also lead to other serious health problems, including heart disease.

Studies suggest that the anti-diabetic nature of moringa is considerably prominent. These leaves may lead to reduced blood sugar levels. 

Similarly, another small study on six people indicated that adding 50 grams of Moringa leaves to the diet decreased the rise in blood sugar levels by 21%. 


Spoonful of green tea leaves for demonstration.
Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

Green Tea for Weight Management

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages for most health-conscious people out there, and it deserves all the attention it gets. Among the abundance of health benefits that it offers, weight management has to be the most prominent one. 

A review of studies shows that green tea demonstrates anti-obesity properties due to the presence of polyphenols. These polyphenols affect major factors such as cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. As you might know, these factors are the ones responsible for weight management.

Green Tea Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Research suggests that consumption of green tea may lower blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of stroke in the future.

Another study suggested that drinking green tea daily might reduce the risk of stroke by about twenty per cent. Poor health choices always lead to our downfall, and hence, green tea just might act as insurance against stroke for such people.

Green Tea May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest and most uncertain diseases that really difficult to cure. Therefore, prevention being our only option, we must incorporate healthier life choices that start with our food.

Scientists suggest green tea to be anticarcinogenic in nature. The consumption of green tea may prove to be helpful in the prevention of many types of cancer, including lung, colon, oesophagus, mouth, stomach, small intestine, kidney, pancreas, and mammary glands.

Green Tea May Prevent Neuronal Damage

Ageing is something we cannot stop, and it often leads to effects that include neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. These diseases cannot be cured, but you can prevent them.

Studies show that green tea is neuroprotective in nature, and green tea polyphenols may significantly help in reducing the risk of these neurological diseases. 

So if you start drinking green tea in your youth, you will never regret it in your old age!

Green Tea May Prevent Heart Disease

Green tea is of the drinks that are actually good for your heart. In the long run, it prevents most of the damage to your cardiovascular health from the inside. 

Since green tea may lower our body’s blood pressure, studies suggest that it may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Although it should be noted that heart patients are not recommended to overconsume green tea.

Green Tea May Help Maintain Blood Pressure

As discussed before, research has indicated that regular consumption of green tea may help in lowering the blood pressure of your body. Green tea may significantly reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, making it a perfect beverage for those who have hypertension. This soothing refreshment can help drastically when consumed daily.

Green Tea is Anti-Diabetic as well

A review of studies has demonstrated that green tea has a direct effect on our blood glucose levels and might help in significantly reducing them.

This property of green tea can result in an anti-diabetic effect, as lowering blood glucose levels can mean better diabetic health for most diabetes patients. Hyperglycemia is a serious issue and any preventive steps that can be taken are really helpful.

Think Green, Think Moringa Green

What’s a great way to improve green tea? Adding moringa leaves to it! These ingredients are carefully selected to complement each other’s flavour, aroma and health benefits. With just a moderate amount of caffeine content, the dry aroma and woody taste of Moringa Green will energize you.

After reading all these benefits, you might want to try it out yourself. You can do so by ordering Moringa Green and getting it right at your doorstep. You can try a small pack for the first time, or take that leap of faith and buy the 30 Days Pack.

If you like herbal teas, you might like reading Chamomile Mint- Minty and Soothing. Another great read for herbal tea lovers is “Drink Away your Stress with Chamomile Lemongrass Tea“. If you want to try one of our traditional brews, try the Masala Tea.

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Teen Paan Tea – Your Favourite Paan Now in A Teacup

Teen Paan tea

People often misunderstand paan for Pan masala. The latter is mostly responsible for the red tint artistic hues across Indian railways. That is why, there is a misconception of paan. However, science has a different picture for paan (Not masala) leaves. Research studies laud paan for a range of benefits. No wonder, it finds a place in the universe of teas. How? You’ll discover soon. Say hello to Teen Paan tea!

Paan leaves have been long used across our country since ages. We often see the oldsters comfortably chewing paan along with Areca nut and some chuna (Calcium Hydroxide). Traditionally, people used paan for recreational purpose, as an aid for digestion, and to supply calcium to the body. They used a daily dose of this traditional pan mix for several other medical benefits as well.

But the current generation is not into chewing paan, compared to the previous generation. To put it in right words, paan has been marginalized and viewed as the mother of oral disease. How about giving it some scientific perspective?

As per research, betel leaves or paan leaves were of use in Indian Ayurveda since time immemorial. People often chewed them after food. Studies reveal paan to have benefits, such as saliva regulation, maintaining oral hygiene, and other healing properties. To put a crown on paan, these leaves are anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-infective. They also regulate cardiovascular function. More than the nutritional benefits, the healing benefits are more evident in the practice of chewing betel leaves. So, why not bring them to our kitchen again?


Bring paan to the kitchen? Sounds Archaic!

We aren’t suggesting you chew or not chew paan leaves with areca nut. We are suggesting you give Teen Paan tea a try this summer. Not only is it beneficial for summer on the healing side, but it is excellent for refreshing your senses.

Got a rough hot afternoon? Brew Teen Paan tea. It is aromatic, delicious, healthy, healing. Drinking it is an experience altogether. Tea is a drink that has always come down in human history as not just another beverage. It is a drink that people cherish. Teen Paan tea by Ono Teas is perfect for your summer moments. It is a beautiful amalgamation of ancient Indian Ayurveda and the richness of tea.


Why Teen Paan tea during summer?

Summer is often always mistaken for a season only and only for icy-cold beverages. That shouldn’t be the case with you anymore after reading this. The practice and science behind having hot drinks during summer can be confusing. However, the scientific part is clear.

By drinking hot tea during summer, you signal your body to decrease your body temperature. What happens on the other side while you have chilled or icy-cold beverages? These beverages drastically reduce your internal body heat. Therefore, your brain has to send signals to balance body temperature, which leads you to a dead end. You will still feel hot and thirsty! That’s precisely where Teen Paan tea comes into the picture. It not only balances body temperature but is inherently cool in nature. So, what else does this tea promise? It comes with a bonanza of healing abilities and holistic health.


Management of constipation

Today’s fast lifestyle has made sure we can’t keep our hands off the junk food. Unhealthy dietary habits invite a swarm of problems, including constipation. Paan leaves contain a lot of antioxidants. So, Teen Paan tea is highly beneficial as it reduces the pH level of the body.


Digestion and metabolism

Paan leaves have anti-flatulent properties that help you break down food. So, chewing paan after meals were frequent, mainly to improve digestion. It ensures stomach issues don’t see the light of the day by balancing out the pH level. And, once digestion and metabolism are smooth, your appetite is regulated too. Teen Paan tea is even better because of the inclusion of the same goodness paan gives you. It is much more aromatic and can be easily shared with your loved ones after a sumptuous meal too.


Treatment of respiratory problems

Teen Paan tea can also help you treat common cold and flu. Paan leaves contain a super load of antibiotics. Of course, they can’t replace the prescribed medicines. But they are the most natural and robust fight against preventable diseases. Paan leaves used with a variety of different herbs are excellent for your body. They kill off bacteria and protect you from respiratory problems. Regular consumption of this tea will help you keep respiratory issues at bay.



When you consume Teen Paan tea, you shield your body from a variety of discomforts arising from poor lifestyle choices. This tea is anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, and immunomodulatory. It kills bacteria and free radicals. It supplies you with enzymes to break down food. The tea also contributes to regulating salivary flow.


Treats aches and pains

Teen Paan tea comes with analgesic properties that cool down your body. It alleviates pains and is excellent in healing wounds, itches, and skin problems.


Regulates bad odours

The oil in paan leaves helps control odour levels. Paan leaves serve as a mouth freshener and contribute to oral health. Regular consumption of Teen Paan tea cleans your system. This practice is also one way of making sure you don’t sweat much and smell bad.


These are some of the most critical health problems regulated by paan leaves. And to be accurate, these are just some of the multitude of healing abilities of Teen Paan tea. Regular consumption of this tea in summer helps you maintain good health. Be it a lifestyle change, or a moment of solitude, or conversations with your loved ones over a cup of tea, the aroma and flavour of this tea will stay with you.



Paan clove tea

  • Add cloves and three peppercorns to the vessel you’re about to make tea in.
  • Prepare Teen Paan tea as per instructions on the Ono Teas pack.
  • Let the cloves and peppercorns mix well.
  • After the mix is ready, add honey or lemon extract according to taste preference and serve.


Ginger Teen paan tea

  • Cut 2-3 pieces of ginger and crush it inside the vessel you’re about to make the tea in.
  • Prepare Teen Paan tea as per instructions on the Ono Teas pack.
  • Allow ginger to mix well.
  • For taste, add stevia sweetener or honey.


To conclude

Teen Paan tea is a fantastic choice for those who like to experiment. If you are aware of how well it mixes with other aromatic ingredients, make your own Teen Paan tea recipes. This tea gives you the same benefits regardless of whether you have it cold or hot. Ono Teas brings Teen Paan tea as a new twist to the range of herbal teas. Give your summer moments a fresh twist by choosing this tea and share with us your experience.




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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References/Additional Reading

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A Review on Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf – The Green Gold

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Make Chamomile Mint Tea Your Summer Drink

Chamomile mint tea

White, natural, not racist, Chamomile flower stands tall today among humans. It is blissful to look at and even more blissful to consume. Chamomile is a flowering herb that has known to be humanity’s kin since a long time for recreation and healing. It is one of those flowers in nature that has no intention but to offer. On the other hand, we have mint. The word itself invites a cold breeze and a feeling of refreshment because we all are familiar with how mint works. Be it drinks, or tea or herbal potions, mint just like chamomile has always been a friend too. You can only imagine the magic when both come together in the form of Chamomile mint tea.


“When all is mellow and peaceful, you know it’s a chamomile world.”


Chamomile mint tea



The use of chamomile as tea goes back to ancient Egypt. There, it was served as a remedy for cough and cold. There are two types of chamomile – German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. Humans have always sought out healing and recreation from nature, in the form of herbs. These herbs serve myriad purposes, including healing, recreation and fostering of spiritual wisdom. Chamomile too heals an individual by routine use. In fact, it has always been known as an excellent healing herb, both traditionally and non-traditionally.


Chamomile mint tea



Known in India as Pudina, mint has always been used as a stomach appetizer or to make rejuvenating drinks. Its primary applications are:

  • Treating stomach issues or sudden chest aches
  • Used a component in aromatic and essential oil therapies
  • Used as a constituent in lime juices and fresh fruit juices in the summer
  • Soothing health discomforts through use as a paste, by adding it to bathing water, by brewing it with water, etc.
  • As a mouth freshener in the summer for its refreshingly cool flavour, providing relief to the oesophagus

All in all, it’s a super balance of health and taste.


Chamomile? Mint? Chamomile mint tea?

When you get two blessed herbs from nature, what you can imagine is a significant relief. Ono Teas has leveraged this benefit from nature to bring you Chamomile Mint. Make this tea your super drink for the summer.

Summer is an open invitation to extreme heat, humidity, and pathogens. Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard internal as well as external balance. This hot season, it is common to come across fatigue, indigestion, hyperthermia, loss of appetite, dehydration, viral flu, and food poisoning. Why not combat these by taking the preventive route?

Chamomile and mint, in combination, form an herbal drink that cleans, heals and soothes your entire system. Chamomile mint tea for summer afternoons is the perfect way to combat the heat. This tea, when consumed warm during extreme heat relaxes you like no other drink. Find hard to believe? But, it’s true! You already have an overview of the benefits of both the herbs above. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the combined benefits that this tea offers.


Aids digestion

Chamomile mint tea is super aid for digestion. In this fast and junk-food-laden lifestyle, it is common to come across digestive and bowel problems. Chamomile and mint both have essentials, such as anti-inflammatory enzymes and menthol. These elements help the natural breakdown of food and regulate bowel movements. Chamomile mint tea is also diuretic, making sure that you stay hydrated during extreme summer heats. All in one, you control your digestion, metabolism, flush out toxins, and shed your weight.


Anti-inflammatory in nature

Chamomile mint tea is perfect for ladies who suffer from extreme menstrual cramps. Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties and mint’s antispasmodic benefits help relieve the uterus muscles from their repeated contraction/expansion. This tea also acts as a natural pain killer, as both the individual herbs have anti-inflammatory properties. It also alleviates extreme osteoporosis. But, it is important to note that you cannot replace this tea with your prescribed medicines.


Safeguards immunity

During summer, the heat and humidity invite a lot of pathogens. And, when you drink ice-cold beverages or juices from the street, you put your health at the pathogen’s behest. That’s where Chamomile mint tea plays its role. Once you introduce it into your routine, you have your answer to all your worries in a teacup. The phenolic compounds in Chamomile and the antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral properties and oils in mint, help to strengthen immunity.


Induces sleep

Drinking Chamomile mint tea in summer helps you relax and calm down. Medical science recognises Chamomile as a mild tranquilizer, which causes sleep. People who have insomnia and irregular sleep patterns always put themselves at risk of stress and anxiety bursts. Chamomile increases the levels of serotonin and melatonin.. Thus, it puts buries stress and anxiety in the ground. Mint indirectly aids your sleep pattern by improving your digestion and balancing out your body temperatures. Chamomile mint tea also has many possibilities of preventing life-threatening health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.


Chamomile mint tea



Sweet lemon chamomile mint tea

  • Take 1 tsp Ono Teas Chamomile mint tea and brew it for 3-3.5 minutes.
  • Pour some lemon extract/juice along with honey in your teacup.
  • Strain the brew and add it to your teacup.
  • Serve hot.


Iced Chamomile mint tea with fresh lemon

  • Brew Ono Teas Chamomile mint tea in water.
  • Strain it and let it cool.
  • Pour the tea onto the ice cubes and squeeze some lime into it.
  • For taste, add honey or stevia sweetener.


To conclude

So this summer, break out of your notions. Instead of the usual iced tea to escape the all-around summer heat try Chamomile mint tea. Ono Teas offers a wide-ranging variety of herbal teas to revitalise you. So this summer, give Chamomile mint tea a try. It promises you nothing less than an aromatic, therapeutic, delicious, and refreshing experience with every cup. Summer teas never got this better! Ever!




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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From health to richness, Tulsi Lemongrass Tea Got It All

Tulsi Lemongrass tea

You’re probably sweating right now. Is the heat pricking you? Do you feel the sun is ruthless? Do you feel like jumping in a pool full of gals and dudes and sip iced-peach tea? How about a little summer twist? Instead of only basking in the cold air of your air-conditioning and being all comfortable, maybe you could get a few plant samplings home. Perhaps you could lighten on your clothing. You could possibly consider sipping warm Tulsi Lemongrass tea.

You read warm? Yes! “But summer is for ice, isn’t it?” comes your quick answer. In that case, allow us to explain. Ice leads to heat creation, internally. Your goal was to cool down, but you end up suffocating in heat again. This is so because when you are amidst hot temperature, and you consume or sip warm food or warm tea, it increases the temperature inside your body. Consequently, it gives your brain a signal to cool down, leading to sweating. Thus, your body temperature cools down giving you comfort in the summer heat. Your body is designed like that.


The summer twist

We are not against using air-conditioning during the summer. But the intention is to bring clarity in adapting to heat efficiently. When you use air conditioning, you will always have to switch between temperatures. You will continuously be depended on your AC to calm and soothe you. The constant use of air-cooling systems is genuinely not good for your health as well. Hmm? So, what now? What can we suggest?

You may perceive the age-old paradox and confusion of people having hot tea in summer that too during hot summer afternoons as nothing but a crazy sense of tea addiction. But as science suggests, the logic behind it is tight and not delusional. As explained above, sipping warm tea during summer leads your body to cool down with the mechanism of perspiration. Now, the choice is yours – Staying in your comfortable air-conditioned room or try an alternative solution that’s both healthy and easy.


Tulsi Lemongrass tea – The recommended warm tea for summer

Seasons come with pros and cons. There are pros in summer, but the biggest drawback here is the vulnerability to fall sick. The heat and humidity are just about perfect for inviting pathogens, and a day full of traveling, work and traffic might end you up in bed. Switching to warm summer herbal tea is the right way to go about it. You might have heard the benefits of Tulsi and lemongrass countless times. But have you used it as a routine?

Tulsi and lemongrass are perfect for summer. They both come with a multitude of benefits. Tulsi has an essential oil that heals like no other and lemongrass has vital constituents that are food for health! The combination of both as Tulsi Lemongrass tea is a rock-solid, super healthy herbal tea that you can call ‘the best of summer teas.’ Ono Teas is up with several tea types this summer, including Tulsi Lemongrass tea; it is already making rounds. It’s time to not only up to the game of your lifestyle but also change your perception towards teas, with Tulsi Lemongrass tea.


“I thought to myself, ‘There’s nothing like sipping hot tea in summer. Nothing like it’!”
– A tea lover


Tulsi Lemongrass tea


Tulsi and lemongrass – The duo

Both popular herbs Tulsi and Lemongrass, highly known for their healing ability and aromatic oils, are perfect when they come together in a teacup. They are known for:

  • Their healing abilities
  • Restoring blood sugar
  • Repairing on cellular and tissue level
  • Aiding digestion
  • Encouraging detoxification
  • Calming and soothing the mind in warm temperatures

The flavour and texture of lemongrass leaves behind an excellent taste of citrus. Tulsi adds to the refreshing and healthy side to the drink. All in all, the combination proves to be a blessing for the body. You can choose to make a Tulsi tea and a lemongrass tea individually, but there’s nothing like the duo.


Benefits of Tulsi Lemongrass tea in summer

Just like we discussed above, the summer can be ruthless. You continuously need to keep your body hydrated. This time around, let Tulsi Lemongrass tea be your new partner when it comes to drinking a healthy beverage. Let’s dig deeper into the ‘Why.’



Tulsi and Lemongrass both have important constituents that beautifully help in digestion. Unlike advertised products that are hard on your digestive tracts, these natural herbs help you break down your food efficiently without being hard on your system. Citrus in Lemongrass especially brings in an aroma which in itself refreshes your mind and prepares your digestive system for a tasty treat.



Some herbs help you through inflammation and viral infections. But the better part with Tulsi Lemongrass tea is you get an all-around shield with it. The citral, Geraniol, and essentials in lemongrass plus Tulsi essential oil, fight inflammation, microbes, carcinogens, oxidants, heavy metals, pollutants, additional sugar, and many more. They put up an intense fight against many agents that potentially make you severely ill.


Diuretic and anti-Diabetic

Diuretic foods and herbs are essential for the body. They aid in frequent urination and bring a demand for replacing the lost fluids. In other words, you keep yourself hydrated. Lemongrass is considered a natural diuretic herb without leading to any organ failure. Tulsi, on the other hand, helps restore glucose regulation in the body. The clogging up of arteries due to fast food and meat products makes it easy for a person to go diabetic. A routine of Tulsi prevents it. There you go, Tulsi Lemongrass tea wins again.


Weight loss

Before we discuss that, let us be clear on one thing. Weight loss isn’t healthy always. What we are talking about is burning unnecessary and excess fat. Contemporary lifestyle gets a lot of heat for ruining human health, but it should also be credited with the introduction of intricate human health. You exercise and burn fat. Now, combine your workouts with a routine of Tulsi Lemongrass tea in summer, you will leap two steps instead of one. How? It:

  • Encourages your metabolism
  • Keeps it balanced for your fats and cholesterol to be burned
  • Contributes to a healthy body and mind, overall


Refreshing and soothing

We like stress. Let’s accept it. But we also don’t like it. This imbalance of us, drama queens, has a perfect calming, soothing and refreshing solution, which is obvious. Tulsi Lemongrass tea in summer helps you cool down by regulating body temperature, and it also calms your nerves. After you sip a cup of Tulsi Lemongrass tea in a hot summer afternoon, you will realize how easy it is to cope with the heat.


Because we have discussed some of the many benefits in detail, we can now deduce that Tulsi Lemongrass tea is a fortune. Be it winter, monsoon, or summer, you can always have a cup or two and stay level headed. Ono Teas bring you the freshest Tulsi Lemongrass tea right at your doorstep. You’re just a click away from sipping one fantastic cup of Tulsi Lemongrass tea.


Tulsi Lemongrass tea


Tulsi Lemongrass tea recipes

We just thought it would be wonderful to share a bit of our knowledge about this tea. No! No more info about the benefits. We’ve covered them all! It’ s time to delve into something practical! We’ve got some exciting tea recipes for you to try at home. Let us know which of these you like the most.

Tulsi Lemongrass Green tea

  • Keep a few dried long leaf green tea and lemongrass leaves in a teapot.
  • Keep Tulsi leaves in water for 5 minutes and strain.
  • Pour the water into the teapot and let the tea leaves steep.


Tulsi Lemongrass Iced tea

  • Put Tulsi Lemongrass tea mix in water and let it stay for a few minutes.
  • Put ice into the tea and use your favorite sweetener. A pinch of ginger extract would be excellent!


Tulsi Sweet Lemongrass tea with stevia or jaggery

  • Mix Tulsi Lemongrass tea along with jaggery.
  • If you choose stevia leaves, then add them to the tea and let the combination stay for 2-3 minutes.


You can mix and match different herb or spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. It’s always fun and refreshing to make your special Tulsi Lemongrass teacup. And, when it’s summer, you could choose to try out exciting ways to cope with heat, through your brew, with taste and style. Ono Teas is all about cherishing moments and letting you be at the peak of your health. Eventually, that’s the only thing that counts, isn’t it? Tulsi Lemongrass tea says yes!




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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This Is Why Tulsi and Tea Are A Deadly Duo

Tulsi and tea

Once upon a time, there was a mystical man. And, he owned six plants. He was particularly proud of being an Indian, but he was more impressive of his plants. The plants grew and survived all weathers. He took good care of them. The plants loved it when they were worshipped too. With a lit lamp in the evening and a good space to grow, these plants were about to provide and protect the man for a lifetime. You almost guessed the hero of this story, right? Or missed it? Of course, we are talking about Tulsi.

Tulsi has perennially been considered as a backbone of Indian health. Indians not only regard this herb as useful but divine too, in every sense of the word. With a not so affectionate scientific name, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, or commonly known as Basil (around the world), Tulsi is nothing but a powerhouse of an herb. When mixed with a combination of other special herbs, it becomes a shield for health like no other. Researchers and physicians consider this herb highly for its essential oil and medicinal properties. Tulsi is potent because it is:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidative
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antihypertensive
  • Radioprotective
  • Antiulcerative
  • Antithyroid
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-arthritic
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Neuroprotective
  • Antitussive
  • Anti-asthmatic


Tulsi’s service to mankind

Tulsi and teaTulsi’s nativity, and spiritual closeness to India is a direct translation of thousands of years of Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom. In Ayurveda, it has the status of ‘Mother Medicine of Nature.’ In Indian mythology, Tulsi is considered to be the consort of Lord Vishnu, and it is believed you can only touch the plant when you are clean, head to toe. Out of all the herbs and spices, humanity is blessed with; Tulsi reigns supreme in every category. So, the ‘Supposed,’ ‘Alleged,’ ‘Might’ words are an injustice to the powers of Tulsi as an herb.

Tulsi has been around since humanity has ever known medicine and healing. From ancient tribal medicines to modern Ayurvedic practices, one has mixed and minced Tulsi as a hero ingredient with a lot of other herbs, to make super healthy juices, potions, and healing tonics. Indians have used it with a variety of dishes and also included as an important ingredient of herbal tea.

The oil and extract in Tulsi have a deep penetrative behaviour inside body cells and tissues. So, this herb works and heals from the foundation. It helps push out toxic metals or industrial pollutants out of our system and combats lifestyle discomforts with elan. Pharmacologists consider this herb as the all-around answer for physiological as well as psychological problems. In other words, it promotes health holistically and as a whole (not just body, but mind and soul too).


Tulsi and tea – Tulsi tea

Now, what’s in it with tea? You must be already familiar with the benefits of tea on its own. Be it black tea, green tea, Earl Grey tea, chamomile tea, or whiskey tea; it is a blessing without two questions to it. Just like Tulsi, tea has always been in humanity’s backyard. So why not let them both bless us?

Tulsi tea is a one-stop shop healer. It provides a scientifically proven tsunami of benefits to health. You can brew Tulsi leaves and have it as an herbal drink, or you can mix it with any tea, giving you amplified benefits.

Tulsi and tea


Tulsi tea helps the blood in breaking down the sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. Fast foods, meat, dairy, and eggs are the significant causes of artery blockages, which makes it difficult for sugar to get absorbed, leaving it in the blood. Tulsi tea helps reduce metabolic stress and poor glucose regulation, which is every reason why you should include Tulsi tea in your daily routine.


Respiratory illness

Researchers opine that Tulsi tea helps in relieving respiratory illness. Fundamental respiratory issues, such as cough and cold instantly drop when Tulsi tea is consumed regularly. Two of the significant factors for respiratory disease are a fast lifestyle and industrial pollution. We can’t fight both by the roots but what we can do is introduce Tulsi tea in our kitchens to prevent respiratory katzenjammers.


Stress and anxiety

Known as an adaptogen, Tulsi tea, significantly increases your levels of stamina and takes off the stress load. Just like chamomile tea has a soothing effect, researchers suggest that Tulsi tea too provides the same healing benefits.

Without making this article, a heavy research paper, we have realised how beneficial Tulsi tea is. The mentioned are just some of the multitude of benefits of Tulsi tea. Additionally, it provides relief from skin diseases, diarrhoea, arthritis, back pain, fever, eye diseases, cardiac and genitourinary disorders, otalgia, indigestion, hiccups, vomiting, gastric and dysentery.

Tulsi and tea

To conclude

Ono Teas has an extended range of herbal teas, two of them being Tulsi Sweet Lemon tea and Tulsi Lemongrass tea, which not only heal but add to the essence of life in every moment you want to cherish.

Tulsi Sweet Lemon is a healthy-spicy caffeine-free concoction of super foods, such as Tulsi, Lemongrass, Ginger root and Cardamom. Tulsi Lemongrass is a tisane with the goodness of Tulsi and the freshness of lemongrass. With its flavourful aromatic oils, this tisane brews a zesty and refreshing drink, reinvigorating the mind, body and soul. Certainly, it is a perfect hot cup for a jump start, or a cold one for winding down after a busy day at the office.

The most efficient and fundamental change in your lifestyle could begin with Tulsi tea and what better way to do it than Ono teas? Let’s give it to Tulsi, this time!




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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The Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Tulsi in Humans: A Systematic Review of the Literature

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Cheap is Not Always Better. Try Some Fine Teas.


How about buying a replica of your favourite brand? Sounds a bit unacceptable, right! Quality and quantity are two aspects that are relatively proportional to the product’s cost. A cheap product may help you keep your wallet heavy but it may impact your experience. When you buy a cheap or fake product, whether you will derive the same contentment had you purchased the expensive, genuine one, is debatable! However, you cannot make every purchase at a low price with the thought that this practice will be beneficial. Finally, in the everlasting debate of quality and quantity, the former prevails usually. Anything that does not assure quality may neither last long nor be beneficial. So, when it comes to a product of consumption, select the one that promises satisfaction as well as goodness.


“All that glitters is not gold.”


Explore quali-tea

When we consider leading a healthy and fulfilling life – food naturally seeps in. And, when we talk about food, how can we leave tea behind? Globally, there are 25,000 cups of tea being  consumed every second, making it 2.16 billion cups per day! In other words, a large part of the global population begins their day with tea and ends it with tea too. Now, if tea is such an essential part of their life, shouldn’t they give a thought to its quality too?

Ono Teas believes that buying uber-expensive tea for regular consumption is unnecessary. As a customer, it could be quite easy for you to dive into a pool of tea deals and bargains. However, the challenge is to come out with the one that’s excellent with regards to both health and taste. When it comes to handpicked tea leaves and quality herbs, avoid buying the cheap variants available in the market. Period. This is so because tea comes with a lineage unlike any other beverage. It has been nothing less than a reputed commodity since centuries. It is a bounty of health; the elixir of life. Having covered an enormous journey in time, tea certainly commands respect!


Ono Teas: Hallmark of authen-tea-city

Buying cheap products might work a few times in your favour. However, it may not lead you to make an everlasting relationship with the brand and its products. Ono Teas respects its patrons’ taste, expectation and demand. We are also committed to maintaining the tea heritage. There are several teas in the market, enticing the pockets. Only a few of them actually stand up to customers’ expectations. Cheap doesn’t figure in our dictionary. With Ono Teas, you can discover a whole new world of teas, ranging from the exotic ones of faraway lands to the relatively unknown ones of the tropics. We offer a complete assortment of reasonably-priced, exquisite teas, best suited for every mood and palate. We have differentiated our brews through three lines of products.



This product line resonates with the customers’ aspirations and ostentatious temperament. It intersects their lifestyle and positions itself as a proactive measure to contain lifestyle diseases, such as insomnia, stress, menstruation issues, fatty liver, etc. Thus, the positioning is not as a replacement for any medication but as a precautionary supplement. It is certainly a package of health, vitality, and rejuvenation. This category encompasses a range of teas, such as Skin Glow Herbal, Hibiscus tea, Classic Green tea, and Tulsi Lemongrass tea, among others.



The products within this category are excellent for a fruitful ‘me-time’. In other words, this product line is the customer’s companion in their solitary moments. The teas in this product line aim to amplify the customer’s experiences and/or interests, such as music, movies, reading, and so on. You will find Hojicha, Gunpowder tea and Darjeeling Second Flush in this category.



This category taps the social temperament of the customer. Accordingly, this product line is the companion for a tête-à-tête and one that smoothens the expression of thoughts and emotions. It includes teas that one could share with their loved ones upon meeting them. This category comprises Whiskey tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Peppermint tea, and 3 Paan tea, among others.


Bid adieu to cheap. Dive into some of our fine teas

Peppermint tea

This tea is a beautiful combination of spearmint, peppermint, regular mint and Calendula flower petals, offering you an ideal herbal minty experience. It’s fresh and flavourful, and an excellent accompaniment to friendly conversations and light snacks. This tea cleanses your body, improves long-term memory, promotes oral health, boosts energy and reduces allergy.


Skin Glow Herbal tea

This tea is an herbal tisane that offers you a unique recipe of health, vitality, and optimism. We have crafted it carefully to keep the body in perfect balance. It is a combination of turmeric, ginger root and lemongrass, steeped deep in Ayurveda. This tea is healthy and helps alleviate stress. It’s a caffeine-free lifestyle choice towards rejuvenation and well-being.


Hibiscus tea

We process this ‘all red’ herbal tisane with handpicked Hibiscus petals in small batches to offer you a delicious citrus treat. With every sip, you can ensure you are moving to a healthy you, a relaxed you. We recommend this exotic, soothing caffeine-free herbal tea for detox. Additionally, it helps decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Herbal teas

These teas come with immense medicinal values. They help slaying cholesterol, soothing your digestive system and leave you with healthy skin and gut. The antioxidants within the teas keep you hydrated. Grab a cup of herbal tea if you want to lose some weight, improve oral health and increase brain function.


Turmeric herbal tea and Tulsi lemongrass tea

Our Turmeric Herbal tea and Tulsi Lemongrass tea have significant amounts of antioxidants. They are antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and are excellent for your gut and bowel cleansing.


Pure chamomile tea

If you want to step up your post-retirement life towards a more stress-free and meditative zone, you can use Pure Chamomile tea. Unlike many other tea types, this tea is one of the best natural sleeping aids. It acts as a mild tranquilizer, and hence helps to reduce stress. It calms your highly active and tensed brain functions, thereby bringing you peace.


English Breakfast

One of the most popular blended teas among the British, this is a classic breakfast time tea. If a flavourful black tea with milk appeals to you in the morning, reach for our English Breakfast. This tea is perfect to help kick start your day or give you a mid-day boost if you so require.


Earl Grey tea

Another tea type known to benefit your health considerably is the Earl Grey tea. It is a classic black tea infused with Bergamot Oil that was a favourite among eighteenth-century British aristocrats. We present a version of this tea that is a unique combination of the fragrant cold-pressed oil from the rinds of Italian Bergamot oranges and Assam Black Tea. This tea reduces anxiety and relieves stress. We hand process this tea using traditional methods to give you an unforgettable taste.


Whiskey tea

Our non–alcoholic beverage tastes like none other. It smells and tastes like whiskey but is devoid of alcohol. You can brew it hot or cold to enjoy a fantastic aroma and taste of whiskey. Like tea, whiskey is a beverage that calls on years of tradition, patience, sophistication, and skill. The two make a particularly good match by complementing each other through shared notes of smoke and malt.


Kashmiri Kahwa

Our version of this tea is a delectable blend of high-altitude Kashmiri Green tea leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger root, and saffron. It gives a taste of royalty in the first sip and an experience of tranquility for long. Pick it up as your daily morning ritual and start your day right, on a stress-free note.


Teen Paan tea

This tea comes with the flavour of an ever-popular after-food mouth freshener. Our Teen Paan tea soothes the stomach and manages indigestion with its super-duper cooling effect. No need to run down to the local paan shop anymore, just brew a cup to enjoy the goodness.


To conclude

Nature offers a treasure trove of herbs that serve as the answer to every health-related concern. What if we could blend these herbs? Tulsi, Chamomile and many other herbs that help to manage lifestyle disorders could easily be part of our routine, in the form of tea. Ono Teas quotes a new phrase for staying fit, “Sip tea a day, keep doctor away.” We believe that a regular intake of herbs could enhance the immune system and pave the way to lifelong well-being.

Cheap may be a good market strategy for brands to attract costumers, but opting for quality is smart play. Getting customers hoodwinked with low price tags is actually a foolish idea. On the other hand, quality always assures customers that every penny counts. The market is flooded with cheap tea brands, but a genuine brand will always live up to all the advantages. Quality is the soul of Ono Teas. To us, purchasing fine tea is like investing in health and great taste. Fine teas uplift the drinker’s senses and offer a tasteful perspective of life. Our final word: Invest the most, worry the least.




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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