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Why You Should Try Lavender Oolong– Backed by Science

Oolong Tea

We all need something fresh every now and then. A new song, a walk in the park, or maybe a quick shower can really help freshen things up. How about a cup of tea? A single cup of Lavender Oolong can do wonders for your health and lift your spirits at the same time. But what are these health benefits that we are talking about? That’s what we will find out in this blog. 

Lavender Oolong is a culmination of fresh lavender flowers and oolong tea leaves. Mainly aimed at promoting cardiovascular health, it also helps with weight management, sleep disorders and much more– keep reading to find out!

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea. Just like green tea or black tea, oolong tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The main difference is the method of processing. Oolong tea is partially oxidized: less than black tea but more than green tea. This partial oxidation is the reason for oolong tea’s characteristic taste and colour. Due to the partial oxidisation, oolong tea has the best of both worlds.

Now that you know about oolong tea, let’s dive deeper into the health benefits it offers. (You can’t make Lavender Oolong without Oolong tea!)

Teapot with printed art filled with Oolong tea leaves
Photo by Jose Esquivel from Pexels

Oolong Tea May Help in Managing your Weight

A natural way to incorporate healthy measures into your diet is to consume tea. Of course, a balanced diet and regular exercise are a must. A lot of studies suggest that tea can play a crucial role in managing body weight. 

Oolong tea is a traditional semi-oxidized Chinese tea. It is different when it comes to taste and aroma, but the benefits are pretty similar to regular tea.

In a study done on 12 men, it was found that compared to water, those who drank tea had more energy in general. The energy expenditure of the men who were given full-strength tea was increased by 2.9%.

May Reduce the Risk of Cancer

One of the most deadly diseases on the face of the earth, cancer has no guaranteed way to be cured. It can only be prevented through a healthy lifestyle, and treatment is also very risky with very low chances of survival. 

The consumption of most types of teas provides properties that drastically affect our lives. Oolong tea has chemopreventive properties that may help keep this disease at bay.

In a study done on black tea extracts, it was found to exhibit anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative, and anti-neoplastic activities. These activities indicate the potential for the prevention of cancer in humans as well.

Oolong Tea May Prevent Heart Disease

Heart diseases are very common these days. People who are overweight have a higher risk of heart failure. The New Delhi Birth Cohort has revealed in a PubMed research, that “The annual number of deaths from CVD (cardiovascular disease) in India is projected to rise from 2.26 million (1990) to 4.77 million (2020)”.

A study done on 12 men reported that consumption of tea helped them exhibit increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation. More energy expenditure means less accumulation of lipid, which can decrease the incidence of heart disease.

Another study revealed that 600 out of 1507 subjects who were regular tea drinkers, had a 46% decreased risk of developing hypertension.  

Oolong Tea Acts as an Antioxidant

Oxidative stress is a serious problem that can pave the way for chronic diseases like heart conditions. It is caused by the damage done by free radicals in our bodies. Antioxidants are compounds that reduce or prevent the chance of oxidative stress and hence they are extremely important for us.

Studies reveal that oolong tea shows antioxidant activity between 233 and 532 µmol/g, which is pretty significant. The researchers noticed a modest increase in human plasma antioxidant capacity upon oolong tea consumption.

The compounds responsible for this are Theasinensins,  A–E/alpha-tocopherol, and Theasinensins A–E. They decrease lipid peroxidation, which is a good thing against free radical damage.

Oolong Tea is Anti-Inflammatory 

Inflammation is a process that starts in our bodies once an injury takes place. It can lead to heat, pain, redness, swelling as our body tries to protect itself. But long-term inflammation, lasting for prolonged periods of several months to years, is a bad thing.

Research suggests that ethanol extract of oolong tea shows pro-angiogenic activity mediating protective effects on inflammation. 

Oolong reduces plasma MCP-1, which is another indication of its anti-inflammatory properties. Other components such as flavonoids such as cate-chins, theaflavins, and theasinensins also contribute to its anti-inflammatory nature.

Oolong Tea is also Anti-Diabetic

Diabetes can be very difficult to live with. There is no way to cure it, therefore preventing it is our only option. One way to do this is by incorporating tea into our diets.

Oolong tea may help reduce the risk of diabetes. In a study done on diabetic rats, Oolong tea reduced plasma glucose from 229 to 162.2 mg/dL. Theasinensins play a major role in the anti-diabetic property of Oolong tea. Theasinensins A has shown antihyperglycemic responses in diabetic mice.

Lavender Flowers

Black glass bottle and lavender flowers placed on round brown table
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

Lavender Reduces Depression & Stress 

With their striking beautiful and unique colour, lavender flowers are not just for show.

Lavender has had a vast culinary history as well, traditionally in Spanish and British cuisines. This is because it possesses a lot of health benefits that are often looked over.

According to a study, researchers used lavender aromatherapy on human test subjects. The results indicated that aromatherapy helped the subjects improve their moods and help reduce stress to a certain degree.

Lavender Helps Reduce Insomnia

Lavender acts as an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia. The smell of this oil can reduce sleep disturbance and improve overall well-being in older patients.

A study revealed that lavender oil has the potential to show a significant beneficial influence on the quality and duration of sleep. The researchers also observed improved quality of daytime wakefulness and more sustained sleep at night. 

Reduces Anxiety

Used predominantly in aromatherapy or massage, lavender oil offers another health benefit. The sweet fragrance of this beautiful flower during aromatherapy can greatly reduce anxiety and make you calm and collected. One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of lavender is to drink it in the form of a beverage, such as lavender tea. According to research, lavender oil demonstrates the ability to improve mood and relieve anxiety.

Lavender is Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is a process that starts in our bodies once an injury takes place. It can lead to heat, pain, redness, swelling as our body tries to protect itself. But long-term inflammation, lasting for prolonged periods of several months to years, is a bad thing.

Various studies show that the essential oils present in lavender have anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender shows anti-inflammatory properties by both topical treatment and oral ingestion.

Therefore, it can be safe to consume in the form of a meal or a beverage. The best way to consume lavender is by consuming a perfect concoction of freshly brewed tea. 

Fresh and Energizing

The traditional Chinese tea with a soft twist– Lavender Oolong will make you feel better for sure. The floral everlasting taste comes with all these benefits as a bonus! After reading all this, I’m sure you might wanna try it out yourself. 

You can order a pack of Lavender Oolong right at your doorstep. Buy a trial pack first, or go directly for the 30-day pack. If you liked Lavender Oolong, make sure you check out the rest of our Heart Wellness Teas. You might be interested in teas such as Rooibos Tea. Check out our other blogs such as 7 reasons to try Rooibos and Spice It Up With Spicy Oolong.

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White Rose Tea– White Tea with a Flowery Punch

A book and various roses with a cup of rose tea placed on a saucer, all placed on a tablecloth

You might have heard of black tea, green tea, and several herbal teas as well… But have you ever heard of white tea? Yes, you read it correctly. White tea comes from the same plant as black and green tea– Camellia sinensis. It gets its name because when white tea leaves and buds are picked just before they are fully open, they’re covered in fine white hairs. White tea has similar health benefits to green and black tea but is unique in its aroma and flavour. When you add rose petals to the mix, you get White Rose Tea.

Rose Petals in Tea?

White Rose may not be your everyday conventional tea, but it can give even better results. With the various benefits of white tea, the rose petals add even more benefits. But there’s more. Rose petals grant light grassy notes and an amazing rose fragrance to the White Rose Tea. Not just the aroma, but you can see the influence in the taste as well. The White Rose Tea has floral notes and a very creamy texture to it. 

So what are these benefits that we are talking about? Let’s find out. 

White Tea Leaves

White Tea Helps With Weight Management

Apart from green tea, white tea may also help in managing weight and burning fat. Caffeine and catechins like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) are present in both green and white teas in the same amount. They are linked to each other and may impact body weight.

In a test-tube study, researchers found that white tea extract can stimulate fat breakdown and prevent new fat cells from being formed. EGCG is mainly responsible for this outcome. 

Another study indicated that white tea may help boost your metabolism by around 4–5%.

Boosting your metabolism helps burn fat faster, and a 4-5% boost may be equal to 70–100 calories per day.

Prevents Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the major killer diseases around the world. With increasing cases of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, the risk of heart disease is rapidly growing. Polyphenols present in white tea may help prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease.

A few studies have suggested that polyphenols may help in boosting immunity and relax the blood vessels. (1)(2)  

Another study indicated that polyphenols may prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) which leads to heart disease. A study conducted with human subjects found that three cups or more of tea per day resulted in a 21% lower risk of heart disease in the subjects. 

White Tea Improves Oral Health

Green tea is already popular for improving oral hygiene, but white tea also has some benefits. Catechins are known for inhibiting bacterial growth, lowering the risk of oral infections.

White tea does not contain any tannins that cause teeth to stain. Researchers conducted a study to measure the antiplaque efficacy of a mouthwash containing white tea. 

A mouthwash containing white tea inhibits plaque formation but is not as good as a chlorhexidine mouthwash. 

White tea also displayed antibacterial activity against Prevotella intermedia (Pi), Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg), and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aa) in vitro at 1% concentration.

White Tea is Filled With Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that reduce or prevent the chance of oxidative stress and hence they prevent chronic diseases like heart conditions. The polyphenols present in white tea act as antioxidants for your body. 

Research suggests that white tea might be as good as green tea in fighting the damage caused by free radicals. These are two of the best teas to counter oxidation and prevent oxidative stress. Researchers also say that white tea extract can help protect animal nerve cells against damage caused by hydrogen peroxide, a type of free radical.

Another test-tube study revealed that white tea powder helps reduce the inflammation caused by free radicals in human skin cells. 

Anti-Diabetic Property

Diabetes is extremely common and very hard to live with. It cannot be cured and can only be prevented. Due to high levels of sugar in the bloodstream, people with diabetes stop responding to insulin. This is known as insulin resistance.

Researchers reported that white tea polyphenols may lower the risk of insulin resistance, hence preventing diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic disease. Other studies have revealed that EGCG and other polyphenols found in white tea may enhance the effectiveness of insulin and prevent high blood sugar levels.

A review of a huge number of studies with over 1,100 people showed results that indicate the ability of polyphenols to significantly reduce blood sugar and insulin levels.

So, What about Rose Petals?

Pink Rose Petals and a bottle of Rose Oil Placed on a wooden coaster with white background.
Rose Petals and Essential Oil
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Undoubtedly the most famous symbol of love, rose petals provide so much more than just appreciation for love. 

Rose Petals help Smoothen the Respiratory System.

Roses have cultural and medicinal significance. All roses are edible, and therefore you can make an aromatic herbal beverage by using them. They may help smoothen your respiratory system from the inside. 

In a lab test, the researchers found that ethanolic and aqueous extracts of the rose plant significantly reduced the number of coughs induced by citric acid in guinea pigs. The aqueous, ethyl acetate and n-butanol fractions of the Damask rose also had a relaxant effect on the tracheal smooth muscle of guinea pigs. 

Rose may help Reduce Stress.

Today, almost every one of us experiences stressful situations. It’s hard to cope with it, and we should take care of our loved ones if they ever feel stressed out. A simple, homemade, and natural way of handling stress is to consume some freshly brewed Rose Tea.

People have used roses for their therapeutic properties for a long time. Rose oil may help in reducing nervous stress and tension. 

In a study conducted on male mice under chronic stress, researchers aimed to investigate the neuropsychological effects of a water-soluble extract of French rose. The results indicated that french rose extract exerted an anti-stress effect on the mice subjected to chronic stress. 

Rose Helps the Central Nervous System.

The central nervous system (CNS) controls most functions of your body and mind. It has three broad functions: sensory input, information processing, and motor output. The CNS is literally the backbone of your health. Pun intended.

Apart from the antidepressant and antianxiety effects, the ethanolic extract of the flowering tops of Damask rose has other properties as well. Rose possesses a potent hypnotic activity on the central nervous system in mice. The scientists observed that the sleeping times of the mice increased. This extract also shows anticonvulsant and analgesic effects and promotes nerve growth in mice.

Rose is Anti-Diabetic.

People suffering from diabetes have it tough. The only way to combat diabetes is to either prevent it or modify our lifestyle to deal with the damage caused. Rose may help here. Research suggests that Damask rose exerts an anti-diabetic effect on our body.

In a study, researchers orally administered some amount of methanol extract of Damask rose in normal and diabetic rats. As a result, significantly decreased blood glucose after maltose loading was observed.

Also, Damask rose was identified as a potent inhibitor of the α-glucosidase enzyme, which can reduce the postprandial glucose level in the blood. The polyphenols present in rose tea may help in the prevention of type-2 diabetes.

Rose is also Anti-Ageing.

We often see rosewater as a prominent component in most beauty products. This is mainly due to the anti-ageing properties. Rose is rich in antioxidants. These are the compounds that protect our cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals cause damage on a cellular level, which might result in oxidative stress, which can cause premature ageing issues. Research suggests that the anti-ageing properties of rose-flower extract might be due to its antioxidant activity. 

Rose can Alleviate Menstrual Cramps.

Almost 50% of women suffer from menstrual pains. Some of them even experience headaches, diarrhoea, fatigue, and vomiting during their menstruation period. Rose tea has been used in Chinese medicine as a traditional remedy for menstrual pains.

In a Taiwanese study, researchers gave 2 cups of rose tea to 130 teenagers daily for 12 days. They did this for a duration of 6 menstrual cycles. Compared to the control group, those given the tea reported less menstrual pain and a better mental health condition.

White Rose Tea: A Pure and Lovely Concoction

All these benefits in just a cup of tea! But remember, these benefits will only be noticeable when these teas are consumed for a proper amount of time and regularly. White Rose Tea is low in caffeine, so start sipping without worries!

If you are intrigued by the White Rose Tea, you can order it right away. Try out the trial pack first, and I’m sure you’ll go for the 30-day Pack next. If you would like to stick to the basics, buy the Classic Green Tea. Or, if you want something extra with it, try Chamomile Green Tea.

If you find this blog interesting, check out our other blog Moroccan Mint Tea: A Powerful Minty Duo.

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Perfect Tea for The Perfect Moment. Embrace It.


Perhaps, “perfect” is a word that one would often associate with a well-made “coffee.” That’s because people typically consider the experience of sipping delicious coffee, laying back on their chairs and binge-watching terrible series and movies as almost heavenly. But let’s do a little polyamory of beverages here.


Why tea?

When we look back into history, people were enslaved and tortured to work in tea plantations. So much for tea! It was considered precious. It added a great sense of melancholy and royalty to the lifestyle of people who had the power and luxury to enjoy tea. Steering from there, straight to the modern day, we have rare types of tea, such as Da Hong Pao (not difficult to pronounce) or the Shui Hsien tea that may cost more than three years of your grocery bill. But why would someone stretch to such great extents for tea? In a world where alcohol and coffee are hyped immensely, let’s give this drink a chance to prove itself as the magic potion we all forget.


One tea, many benefits

If we look at tea, it is fantastic! Those underestimated tiny tea leaves give us tranquillity as fast as we go from zero to 90% stress levels. On our daily run for life, we consume tea like cocaine addicts without really paying attention to its royalty and sensitivity. If we are mindful, we will find tea to be no less than the elixir of life. It gives us health benefits, freedom from stress, magical solitude, and a perfect reason to create perfect moments. A cup of tea shared is a thousand smiles exchanged. No exaggeration. Just pure tea-truth.

When we find ourselves encompassed by a range of preventive health disorders, we often confuse preventive remedies with medicines and then run to the doctor for some healing. Of course, nothing can replace medications a doctor prescribes, and rightfully, we shouldn’t. But why let the sword hang above our head when we can master it? Ono Teas draws that path!

Tea, when consumed mindfully can align us with the greatest of moods and the best of health. It helps us prevent avoidable lifestyle discomforts, such as insomnia, fatty liver, menstruation issues, extreme stress, and many more. Scientists have proved that tea is full of antioxidants, and provides numerous health benefits, such as diminishing the risk of heart attack or stroke, lowering blood pressure, and the list is long!


Tea power

With a long list, comes different types of teas. When we are on the hustle to conquer the world, we often ignore the power of tea and its different types. For every mood, for every sip, for every cup, there is a type of tea, waiting! The usual suspects comprise Darjeeling tea, oolong tea, Nilgiri tea, green tea, black tea, white tea and chamomile tea. All of these have their own taste, benefits and moods they bring in with them. We won’t feel any less than a tribal shaman and a royal artist upon making these teas for ourselves. They radiate an immense amount of fresh aroma, taste, and rejuvenation to put our crankiness to rest. Let’s plunge into the world of teas and see what it promises to us, and what we shouldn’t be missing out!


Heal your way with teas

If you take our word for it, relax and sit back. Take some time off for the blissful solitude over a cup of tea. Experience the gourmet teas and heal yourself, as every type of tea has remarkable healing properties.


Herbal teas

If spoken in medical terms, herbal teas are packed with immense medicinal values. These teas help slaying cholesterol, soothing your digestive system and leave you with healthy skin and gut. The antioxidants within the tea keep you hydrated. Green tea is the least processed one among the teas, natural and the only type that contains polyphenols and catechins. So, grab a cup of green tea if you want to lose some weight, improve oral health, increase brain function, gift yourself strong bones, and lower the risk of cancer.


Tulsi tea

This variety helps keep the immune system strong after injuries or illnesses, all thanks to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger teas can help calm nausea, and the aroma can make one feel better.


Convey your gratitude to the plant species of “Camellia sinensis.” All the categories are made from the same plant whether it’s black, green or white. Tea’s unique characteristics are the result of the human selection, soil composition, and local weather patterns and its processing method. Simply put, the more oxidized the tea is, the darker the infusion will be. Ono Teas offers you a platter of tea types to relish and stay healthy. Talk about being spoilt for choice!


Hop on to another ride, with teas

Now, let’s step down a bit and take the trip of the different moods with different teas and what they could mean to you. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that drinking tea is an experience. In a world full of experiences created over electronic products, we must hold everything dear to us that is natural and made for our human system.

Now, coming back to the experience of roller coaster again, tea could take you on an elegant ride. This ride brings you a variety of tea types, which scientists believe, could be your significant other for the purity of health. There are different types of teas in texture and sizes of which the two leading families are the full leaf tea and loose leaf tea.


Colours of tea

The tea’s production and packaging also significantly affect it. When one produces tea with ultimate care, fanned with love, its texture, and flavour ascends. For every tea, there is a type. And for every tea type, there is a variety of mood benefits. Consider the varieties that Ono Teas offers – Pure Chamomile, Chamomile Lemongrass, Tulsi Lemongrass, Turmeric Herbal tea, Gun Powder, Hojicha, Tulsi Sweet Lemon, Classic Green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast tea. As we look into the names of these tea types, it only brings us one thought; we missed these! Traditionally, tea is promoted as just under the umbrella name which is, tea! It’s time we justify the beauty of it.

Just like life has different shades, tea has its own colours to fill our life. Be it your lifestyle, your solitary moments, your artsy fantasies, or shared moments with people; tea can play a helpful role in all.


Tea varieties

Adding a pinch of charisma to your lifestyle, you have the Ono Teas’ Pure Chamomile tea. Under the branches of the “tea” are also Whiskey Tea and Peppermint Tea, steering us into perfect magical moments of conversations amidst our daily rush. Tea gives us excellent reasons to share our emotions with our friend or family. When talking about dialogue, historically, tea played a significant role when people met. Unlike today’s beer and coffee culture, people held tea high in every conversation. So, exploring and tasting different types of tea that comes with Ono Teas is not just significant, it is historical!


Elixir of life

You must be wondering why tea connoisseurs refer to tea as the elixir of moments. It is because it not only gives you beautiful shared moments but also invites memorable solitary moments too. Yes! Do you recall the last time you had a moment to yourself? Amidst electronic devices and television that feeds you dumb things, it is now possible for you to have a moment to yourself royally and spiritually!

For instance, Darjeeling Second Flush is the perfect tea for your perfect me-time. Be it watching a good movie, immersing in a book, or just staring straight to the horizon from your window, such teas elevates moments with yourself.

Apart from creating and immersing yourself in the magic of tea, this beverage also plays a massive role in expressing your love towards someone. Not just philosophically, even, in reality, you can translate your love for your dear ones into the tea which you make for them, promising them wonderful taste, and excellent health!


So, what do we learn, finally?

Royalty is your cup of tea. Luxury is also your cup of tea. Health is without a doubt, your cup of tea. Everything good that you would always want, comes with this beverage. Thus, it is not a surprise that you aren’t aware of the perfect drink for the perfect moment. The awareness and affection towards tea is a sip-second easier than the time it takes to put your kettles on.

The wide range of Ono Teas is the perfect reason why everyone in life must embrace this beverage. You can witness the journey of different teas right here. As long as we have different shades to humanity, as long as we have different moods to different moments, Ono Teas will always play a magical role in it.




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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