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Rose Tea: A True Healing Concoction

A book and various roses with a cup of rose tea placed on a saucer, all placed on a tablecloth

We all know roses are the expression of love and purity. We have been using roses since the 16th century. Don’t take these tiny rose petals lightly, you cannot even imagine how much nutrition and healing properties these small petals have. Keeping this in mind, Ono Teas brings you an exquisite blend of freshest rose petals that is perfect for your mental and physical health. Let’s dive deeper into the rich history and distinct flavour of Rose Tea.

History of Rose Tea

Edmond Jabes once said that “One rose is enough for the dawn.” Roses are one of the most famous and fragrant flowers in the world. It is believed that roses are around 35-50 millions year old. How many roses one can name? Maybe red, yellow and white, well there are 30,000 varieties of rose present worldwide.  

Rose is a Symbol of Love and Purity  

As indicated by Greek mythology, Aphrodite, known as the goddess of beauty, gave the rose it’s name in honour of her son Eros by rearranging just one letter in his name. After some time, Eros gave the rose to Harpocrates, as a bribe to hide the shortcomings of the gods. From that point, rose got emblematic of mystery, quietness, and love.  

The development of roses probably started in Asia around 5000 years prior and they have been a part of human civilization from that point onward. Confucius wrote about roses in the Imperial Gardens around 500 B.C.  

Cleopatra Used Roses to Win her Love  

Fine arts on dividers and compositions depicting roses were found in the Egyptian entombment chambers. It is said that Cleopatra was fixated on roses and used them to tempt Mark Anthony. As far as anyone knows, she made them wellspring using rose water and her chamber stacked up with two feet of bloom petals attempting to win his affection. Additionally, the Persian King Nebuchadnezzar is said to have snoozed on a mattress loaded with blossom petals. Romans related rose with warmth, eminence, uprightness, and eagerness. Roman filled their showers with rose water used roses for the aroma to welcome their guest.

Europeans Used Roses to Welcome their Guest   

Alexander the Great is recognized for introducing roses into the thirteenth century. During this, European shelters protected the custom of rose. Subsequently, in the seventeenth century, roses ended up being esteemed so much, that roses and rose water were seen as a wellspring of legal sensitivity. During this period, Napoleon’s wife Josephine, an admirer of roses, set up one of the gardens of roses at Chateau de Malmaison where her nursery contained 250 rose assortments.  

Origin of Rose Tea  

Introducing in china, Rose Tea was during the Han tradition (141-87 BC) that roses obtained standard use in regular medicine and as a tool for trade. A combination of the unopened sprout buds was routinely used for its numerous health benefits while rosehip (the result of the plant), was used for its cooling property. Thereafter, individuals throughout the world began utilizing rose tea as a sweet-smelling and homemade infusion.  

Health Benefits of Rose tea  

1.Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals  

Rose petals are rich in polyphenols which reduce the risk of diabetes and a certain type of cancers. Rose petals are rich in gallic acid which exhibits anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Moreover, the history of Rose tea reflects that it is rich in anthocyanins which contributes to good eye health and immunity.  

2.It helps in menstrual pain   

Menstrual pain comes with a lot of difficulties like vomiting, dizziness, and headaches. One study indicated that drinking two cups of rose tea a day reduced the pain and discomfort during periods. Rose petals contain anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing pain and comforting the mind.  

The efficacy of rose tea on primary dysmenorrheal syndrome (PMS) was confirmed in a double-blind cross over the clinical trial on single girls. Rose tea with no side effects decreased the average pain density in PMS such as mefenamic acid.  

3. It fights cancer  

Rose tea is rich in antioxidants especially polyphenols which are extremely useful against free radicals. Geraniol is present in rose petals which is responsible for the death of cancer cells.  

4. It is good for skin   

We are using rose in beauty products for ages. Roses are rich in vitamin-A, vitamin-c which helps to tighten the skin. Rose petals hold anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which help in fighting acne.

5. It protects from urinary tract infections   

Urinary tract infections are quite painful. Rose tea is anti-bacterial and contains polyphenols that help in fighting infection.   

How Much Rose Tea should I Drink a day? 

It’s completely fine to consume 2 to 3 cups of Rose tea per day. Rose tea is caffeine-free and is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Depending upon your lifestyle and stress levels you can drink up to 3 cups.  

What Is the Best Time to Drink Rose Tea? 

You can drink Rose tea along with your breakfast or in the evening time with some roasted foxnuts and raisins. However, if you are suffering from high-stress levels or you always crave something to drink that can stimulate you, you can take this tea at any time of the day. If you are suffering from cold or menstrual pain, then you should consume it immediately. 


I  know you are convinced about the fact that these tiny rose petals are not ordinary and the infusion made out of these freshest rose petals is the best remedy to soothe your mind and body after a long hectic day. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this tea online from our website, enjoy it while sitting on the couch and reading your favourite novel. 

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Perfect Tea for The Perfect Moment. Embrace It.


Perhaps, “perfect” is a word that one would often associate with a well-made “coffee.” That’s because people typically consider the experience of sipping delicious coffee, laying back on their chairs and binge-watching terrible series and movies as almost heavenly. But let’s do a little polyamory of beverages here.


Why tea?

When we look back into history, people were enslaved and tortured to work in tea plantations. So much for tea! It was considered precious. It added a great sense of melancholy and royalty to the lifestyle of people who had the power and luxury to enjoy tea. Steering from there, straight to the modern day, we have rare types of tea, such as Da Hong Pao (not difficult to pronounce) or the Shui Hsien tea that may cost more than three years of your grocery bill. But why would someone stretch to such great extents for tea? In a world where alcohol and coffee are hyped immensely, let’s give this drink a chance to prove itself as the magic potion we all forget.


One tea, many benefits

If we look at tea, it is fantastic! Those underestimated tiny tea leaves give us tranquillity as fast as we go from zero to 90% stress levels. On our daily run for life, we consume tea like cocaine addicts without really paying attention to its royalty and sensitivity. If we are mindful, we will find tea to be no less than the elixir of life. It gives us health benefits, freedom from stress, magical solitude, and a perfect reason to create perfect moments. A cup of tea shared is a thousand smiles exchanged. No exaggeration. Just pure tea-truth.

When we find ourselves encompassed by a range of preventive health disorders, we often confuse preventive remedies with medicines and then run to the doctor for some healing. Of course, nothing can replace medications a doctor prescribes, and rightfully, we shouldn’t. But why let the sword hang above our head when we can master it? Ono Teas draws that path!

Tea, when consumed mindfully can align us with the greatest of moods and the best of health. It helps us prevent avoidable lifestyle discomforts, such as insomnia, fatty liver, menstruation issues, extreme stress, and many more. Scientists have proved that tea is full of antioxidants, and provides numerous health benefits, such as diminishing the risk of heart attack or stroke, lowering blood pressure, and the list is long!


Tea power

With a long list, comes different types of teas. When we are on the hustle to conquer the world, we often ignore the power of tea and its different types. For every mood, for every sip, for every cup, there is a type of tea, waiting! The usual suspects comprise Darjeeling tea, oolong tea, Nilgiri tea, green tea, black tea, white tea and chamomile tea. All of these have their own taste, benefits and moods they bring in with them. We won’t feel any less than a tribal shaman and a royal artist upon making these teas for ourselves. They radiate an immense amount of fresh aroma, taste, and rejuvenation to put our crankiness to rest. Let’s plunge into the world of teas and see what it promises to us, and what we shouldn’t be missing out!


Heal your way with teas

If you take our word for it, relax and sit back. Take some time off for the blissful solitude over a cup of tea. Experience the gourmet teas and heal yourself, as every type of tea has remarkable healing properties.


Herbal teas

If spoken in medical terms, herbal teas are packed with immense medicinal values. These teas help slaying cholesterol, soothing your digestive system and leave you with healthy skin and gut. The antioxidants within the tea keep you hydrated. Green tea is the least processed one among the teas, natural and the only type that contains polyphenols and catechins. So, grab a cup of green tea if you want to lose some weight, improve oral health, increase brain function, gift yourself strong bones, and lower the risk of cancer.


Tulsi tea

This variety helps keep the immune system strong after injuries or illnesses, all thanks to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger teas can help calm nausea, and the aroma can make one feel better.


Convey your gratitude to the plant species of “Camellia sinensis.” All the categories are made from the same plant whether it’s black, green or white. Tea’s unique characteristics are the result of the human selection, soil composition, and local weather patterns and its processing method. Simply put, the more oxidized the tea is, the darker the infusion will be. Ono Teas offers you a platter of tea types to relish and stay healthy. Talk about being spoilt for choice!


Hop on to another ride, with teas

Now, let’s step down a bit and take the trip of the different moods with different teas and what they could mean to you. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that drinking tea is an experience. In a world full of experiences created over electronic products, we must hold everything dear to us that is natural and made for our human system.

Now, coming back to the experience of roller coaster again, tea could take you on an elegant ride. This ride brings you a variety of tea types, which scientists believe, could be your significant other for the purity of health. There are different types of teas in texture and sizes of which the two leading families are the full leaf tea and loose leaf tea.


Colours of tea

The tea’s production and packaging also significantly affect it. When one produces tea with ultimate care, fanned with love, its texture, and flavour ascends. For every tea, there is a type. And for every tea type, there is a variety of mood benefits. Consider the varieties that Ono Teas offers – Pure Chamomile, Chamomile Lemongrass, Tulsi Lemongrass, Turmeric Herbal tea, Gun Powder, Hojicha, Tulsi Sweet Lemon, Classic Green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast tea. As we look into the names of these tea types, it only brings us one thought; we missed these! Traditionally, tea is promoted as just under the umbrella name which is, tea! It’s time we justify the beauty of it.

Just like life has different shades, tea has its own colours to fill our life. Be it your lifestyle, your solitary moments, your artsy fantasies, or shared moments with people; tea can play a helpful role in all.


Tea varieties

Adding a pinch of charisma to your lifestyle, you have the Ono Teas’ Pure Chamomile tea. Under the branches of the “tea” are also Whiskey Tea and Peppermint Tea, steering us into perfect magical moments of conversations amidst our daily rush. Tea gives us excellent reasons to share our emotions with our friend or family. When talking about dialogue, historically, tea played a significant role when people met. Unlike today’s beer and coffee culture, people held tea high in every conversation. So, exploring and tasting different types of tea that comes with Ono Teas is not just significant, it is historical!


Elixir of life

You must be wondering why tea connoisseurs refer to tea as the elixir of moments. It is because it not only gives you beautiful shared moments but also invites memorable solitary moments too. Yes! Do you recall the last time you had a moment to yourself? Amidst electronic devices and television that feeds you dumb things, it is now possible for you to have a moment to yourself royally and spiritually!

For instance, Darjeeling Second Flush is the perfect tea for your perfect me-time. Be it watching a good movie, immersing in a book, or just staring straight to the horizon from your window, such teas elevates moments with yourself.

Apart from creating and immersing yourself in the magic of tea, this beverage also plays a massive role in expressing your love towards someone. Not just philosophically, even, in reality, you can translate your love for your dear ones into the tea which you make for them, promising them wonderful taste, and excellent health!


So, what do we learn, finally?

Royalty is your cup of tea. Luxury is also your cup of tea. Health is without a doubt, your cup of tea. Everything good that you would always want, comes with this beverage. Thus, it is not a surprise that you aren’t aware of the perfect drink for the perfect moment. The awareness and affection towards tea is a sip-second easier than the time it takes to put your kettles on.

The wide range of Ono Teas is the perfect reason why everyone in life must embrace this beverage. You can witness the journey of different teas right here. As long as we have different shades to humanity, as long as we have different moods to different moments, Ono Teas will always play a magical role in it.




Ono Teas handcrafts full leaf teas suiting every moment you want to cherish, whether it is solitude or conversations with friends or just a leisurely health drink to counter lifestyle disorders. You can shop from our range of green teas, black teas, blends or tisanes based on the moment you want to celebrate.

To buy Ono Teas online, visit our website.
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