Tired of Regular Green Tea? Try Gunpowder Tea

In today’s health-conscious world, you have probably heard how great green tea is. You might already know how healthy it is and how you should definitely check out its health benefits. But have you heard of gunpowder green tea?

What is Gunpowder Tea?

gunpowder green tea leaves
gunpowder green tea leaves

Don’t worry– gunpowder green tea is not actually made from gunpowder. It comes from the same plant as black tea or classic green tea–Camellia Sinensis. Gunpowder Tea is made by rolling dried tea leaves in the form of pearls which resembles gunpowder. Gunpowder Tea is also named because of its nature of immediately expanding itself when dropped in hot water.

The name Gunpowder comes from the Chinese phrase “gang pao de”, meaning freshly brewed. Gunpowder tea was first created in Pingshui, Zhejiang Province, China, during the Tang Dynasty’s rule, more than 1000 years ago. This tea is one of the oldest teas in the world. Apart from being old, gunpowder tea is the most versatile green tea– you can have it with milk, add it to cocktails, or cold-brew it. It’s great for blending as well.

So, let’s delve deeper into the health benefits of gunpowder green tea. Several studies prove that gunpowder green tea has a plethora of health benefits for us.

Gunpowder Green Tea for Weight Management

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages for most health-conscious people out there, and it deserves all the attention it gets. Among the abundance of health benefits that it offers, weight management has to be the most prominent one. 

A review of studies shows that green tea demonstrates anti-obesity properties due to the presence of polyphenols that affect major factors such as cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol that are directly affected by its consumption. 

Gunpowder Green Tea Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Research suggests that consumption of green tea may lower blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of stroke in the future.

Another study suggested that drinking green tea daily might reduce the risk of stroke by about twenty per cent. Poor health choices always lead to our downfall, and hence, green tea just might act as insurance against stroke for such people.

Gunpowder Green Tea is Antibacterial and Antiviral

While doing research specifically on gunpowder green tea, researchers found something surprising. Gunpowder green tea displayed antibacterial properties on something called the paper disk diffusion test. 
Gunpowder green tea is also indicated to help prevent infections by the Tobacco mosaic virus and Cucumber mosaic virus. It also prevented the growth of bacterial pathogens which infect citrus and tomato, namely Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri and pv. vesicatoria, and Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato.

It May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest and most uncertain diseases that may or may not be cured if contracted. Therefore, prevention being our only option, we must incorporate healthier life choices that start with our food.

Scientists suggest green tea to be anticarcinogenic in nature. The consumption of green tea may prove to be helpful in the prevention of many types of cancer, including lung, colon, oesophagus, mouth, stomach, small intestine, kidney, pancreas, and mammary glands.

Gunpowder Green Tea May Prevent Neuronal Damage

Ageing is something we cannot stop, and it often leads to effects that include neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. These cannot be cured, but they can be prevented.

Studies show that green tea is neuroprotective in nature, and green tea polyphenols may significantly help in reducing the risk of these neurological diseases. 

So if you start drinking green tea in your youth, you will never regret it in your old age!

Gunpowder Green Tea May Prevent Heart Disease

Green tea is of the drinks that are actually good for your heart. In the long run, it prevents most of the damage to your cardiovascular health from the inside. 

Since green tea may lower our body’s blood pressure, studies suggest that it may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Although it should be noted that heart patients are not recommended to overconsume green tea.

Gunpowder Green Tea May Help Maintain Blood Pressure

As discussed before, research has indicated that regular consumption of green tea may help in lowering the blood pressure of your body. Green tea may significantly reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, making it a perfect beverage for those who have hypertension. This soothing refreshment can help drastically when consumed daily.

Gunpowder Green Tea is Anti-Diabetic as well

A review of studies has demonstrated that green tea has a direct effect on our blood glucose levels and might help in significantly reducing them.

This property of green tea can result in an anti-diabetic effect, as lowering blood glucose levels can mean better diabetic health for most diabetes patients. Hyperglycemia is a serious issue and any preventive steps that can be taken are really helpful.

Old, Versatile, and Healthy

When I say versatile, I mean it. Gunpowder green tea can be used in cocktails, iced teas, or milk-based brews. But, along with that, gunpowder green tea has been part of many traditional drinks as well. Be it the Noon Chai from Kashmir, or the Moroccan Mint from Morocco, this rolled beauty is part of all of them. 

Carefully selected, the gunpowder tea leaves are a must-have to compliment your invincible nature. If you are a tea enthusiast or a tea connoisseur, or someone who is stepping into the world of teas to make healthier choices, Ono Teas have got you. With the peppery notes, copper aftertaste, grassy overtones, bitterish nutty, or even bread-like notes, the flavour of the Gunpowder Tea is unforgettable.

Wanna Try It Out?

You can! Just order a pack of Gun Powder Tea from our site and you can have it at your doorstep. You can now enjoy the earthy and smoky aroma anytime and anywhere. If you want to try with a small quantity first, you can order the trial pack, or you can take that leap of faith and order the 30-day pack directly.

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