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To buy tea online in India is a difficult job. You will have to be a sommelier to know the real aroma and taste of a tea. Considering we as a generation are dependent on our peers more than we care to admit and are reacquainting ourselves with the ‘real’ teas, we at Ono Teas have listed Customer Testimonials on one side and teas which you peers are buying on the other. If you feel a bit adventurous and want to explore head to the Shop section here, where we have compiled a list of all the products in one short list.

Relax your Mind, Body and Soul

We believe that tea drinking is a personalised experience. To us, an individual’s choice of tea reflects their emotions and personality. Our teas are differentiated based on emotions and moments you want to experience and cherish. Check our Solitude or Conversations range to find to find a tea that best suits your emotions.

Given our lifestyle, we either already suffer from a lifestyle disorder or are on the verge. Much has been said about the effects of carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Most of our teas are 100% natural and present the best alternative against coffee or other energy drinks.

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This product line is positioned to be the customer’s companion in their solitary moments. The products within this category could be best described as ‘me-time’ teas. The teas in this product line aim to amplify the customer’s experiences with his interests, such as music, movies, reading or his stage of mind during contemplation and meditation. These are the perfect tea for ‘Boketto’

Our Presence

A quick look at some of the locations where we had delightful tea-tasting sessions. 

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Conversations taps the social temperament of our customers. This product line is positioned as the companion for a tête-à-tête and one that smoothens the expression of thoughts and emotions. These are the teas that one could share with their loved ones upon meeting them.

A Perspective on Teas - Our Blog

We believe that tea drinking is a sensory experience and hence, we take this exercise pretty seriously. For the tea souls out there, we have lined up a series of articles that will not only elevate your knowledge and understanding of everything related to tea, but also enrich your tea drinking experience. Welcome to our Perspective on Tea